Does Chelsea Houska have a new boyfriend? Tweets photo kissing Aaron Crisp!

Does Teen Mom Chelsea Houska have a new boyfriend? Tweeted photo kissing Aaron Crisp

A heat wave is sweeping the country as record-breaking temperatures are recorded from coast to coast. Apparently, the notoriously chilly South Dakota is no exception, because things appear to be heating up between Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska and some feller named Aaron Crisp! (Some segue huh?)

Chelsea shared the photo above of the two of them kissing (can you say, “extra Crispy?”) along with “Looove @aaronjcrisp.”

But this photo isn’t the first virtual flirtation between these two tweethearts, as Chelsea and Aaron have been exchanging tweet nothings ever since Aaron joined the social media site on May 1st by announcing, “Finally broke down and got twitter! all thanks to @ChelseaHouska” Awwwww… Aaron was a Twitter virgin y’all!

Soon after that, the two (Chelseaaron? Aarsea? Houskrisp? Crispska?) had a number of playful exchanges such as…

Tweets between Teen Mom Chelsea houska and her rumored new boyfriend Aaron Crisp
Chelse Houska Twitter exchanges with rumored new boyfriend Aaron Crisp

Those tweets were followed by the smooching pic and then this rather racy three-way photo with Chelsea, Aaron and another fine lookin’ gal named Logan, which was accompanied only by the hash tag #whatever:

Chelsea houska pretends to kiss another girl while having fun with guy pal Aaron Crisp

So what’s the scoop? We talked with a source close to Chelsea who assures us the two aren’t officially dating, just hanging out and having a fun time together. Good for her! And good for all of us, because as far as contagious cheer goes, it’s hard to beat a smiling Chelsea Houska :)

Sing it Cyndi!

(Hmmmm… So that’s what Dr. Randy Houska would look like if he had opted for professional wrestling instead of dentistry!)

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  • Ashley

    I hope things work out for her. By reading his twitter though he seems like quite the partier….

  • Patricia

    In the second picture it doesnt look like her.

  • Ladylow

    I dont understand why this girls post their life out there for the world to see?
    What about dating in private? Lets go back to talking on the phone or texting but TWITTER i dont know… The whole world doesnt need to know you who you r dating.

  • Ashley

    He looks like Adam.

  • Babyvamp

    Hope it works out and she’s moved on finally. Her tweets sound a little too needy :-/

  • Jessica

    @ladylow I agree it’s good that Chelsea has move on with her life. But too contantly have all your private life on the Internet is too much. Like you said what happen to texting someone or talk over the phone. And then these girls wonder why people know all their business because they are always on twitter. Telling the world their business

  • Paula

    Finally 😀

  • KC

    I totally agree that these girls can’t complain about everyone being in their business and then post everything on twitter. They can’t pick and choose, they either keep it all private or understand that people are going to want to know everything. They chose this life, it goes hand in hand with being filmed for a “reality” show.

    I hope that Chelsea is happy, although I don’t think she’ll ever really move on from Adam. She needs to learn from her mistakes though and not be too clingy like she was with Adam and not give it up too easy like she did with that caged guy.

  • amber

    did she dye her hair again? wasnt it just blonde with red and now dark again ? im so lost in her hair

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