Khloe Kardashian almost took a paternity test

This year Khloe Kardashian faced allegations from her stepmothers that she’s not really Robert Kardashian‘s biological daughter. This claim sparked a firestorm because for years people have suspected that she does not share the same father as her siblings Kim, Kourtney, and Rob because she looks different from them. Her mother Kris Jenner’s detailed admission in her book of cheating on Robert Kardashian with Todd Waterman further famed the flames.

People speculated that Khloe’s dad was family friend O.J. Simpson, possibly the guy Kris had an affair with, Bruce Jenner, and, thanks to a Twitter joke of Khloe’s sister Kylie Jenner, Alex Roldan, a hairdresser who’s worked with Kris Jenner for many years.

Kris told The Today Show last week that Khloe underwent the testing (which is featured on the new season of Keeping up With The Kardashians) to “put her mind to rest.”

Khloe was against getting DNA paternity tests because Robert Kardashian raised her, so it didn’t really matter to her. But on the show Kris thought it was a good idea to get tested.

Kris: “Even though Khloe puts on a brave face, I know that deep down inside it really does hurt her. And it kills me that any of my children are hurting because of my past mistakes. And that’s why it’s so important to me that she does do the DNA test so that once and for all she can fell, and be, at peace.”

Kris had Robert’s children Rob, Kourtney, and Kim take swabs in their mouth to get the control DNA (this was the only way, because Robert is deceased. However, when the doctor shows up to swab Khloe, she refused! “It’s not about me. It’s actually about Mom.”

Mmmm, will we ever know? Was this just a set up to make it seem like they were finally going to set the record straight? UPDATE: Despite her mother’s tease about it, Khloe did not actually undergo the paternity test.

Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham did a similar test to prove paternity for Social Secruity, getting DNA from her baby Sophia’s dad’s sister because he had passed away in a car accident.)

Khloe resisted taking the test, telling the camera in true hilarious Khloe fashion:

“My dad is Robert Kardashian. My other dad is Bruce Jenner. If you f**ked other people during the same time, and you do not know, go on Maury. Like, I don’t care!”


There seems to be some confusion in the comment section about eye color genetics. Brown eye color is dominant, but still means that two brown-eyed people can have blue eyed children because they can have the blue eye gene, it’s just not showing because of the brown eye color is dominant.

Green and hazel eyes can be a lot more complicated because there are different forms of the eye color genes involved, but there’s great explanation of eye color inheritance at The Tech Museum.

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  • Georgia

    I had no doubt that he was. It’s sad she had to prove that to the world gossip sucks

  • Jennifer

    I agree.

  • Ashlynn

    I knew before reading this that they would say Robert kardashian was her father… They have so much money that they have ways of making the world believe he is, her father. Imagine if they came out and said she wasn’t his biological daughter.. She would be shunned, wouldn’t she? That is why they will continue to say he is her father, even though he more than likely isn’t.

    • Chelse

      That’s pretty harsh.
      What proof do you have that he isn’t her biological father? Just because she’s got a different body type and hasn’t had a crap ton of surgery done to her face?

      My sister looks nothing like my father, while I look a lot like him- does that suddenly mean that he’s not really her father?

      Get some facts before running your mouth and offending people.

      • Blahblahblah

        I think the mother slipped up and said something she shouldn’t have and they had to cover their tracks. Taking a paternity test to prove to fans that’s your real father seems ridiculous. And while i don’t care to keep up with the kardashans and watch the garbage they put out, its fairly obvious Khloe sticks out like a sore thumb.

        • tab

          she didn’t do it because of the rumors. she’s been curious for many years if robert sr. was her real father.

    • Neacy

      money has nothing to do with it. Even if the test had proved him not the father he was married to her mother at the time of her birth and so for all legal purposes he’s the father… it’s a stupid law but even if years later he had claimed she wasn’t his and then seperated with her mother he would still be responsible for child support. My uncle’s ex wife and he had been seperated four years she was living with another man and had the mans baby and they had to go to court just to get the father his parental rights because technically by the laws standard my uncle was the father. its weird and kind of messed up.

  • Jenn

    I think they should test Kim and Kourtney. Both of them look so different in the eyes and skin from Robert or Kris. The brother Rob and Kloe looks like a product of Robert and Kris. Kris cheated alot I wouldn’t put it past her to have cheated early on in their relationship as well.

    Gossip sucks but if you expose your family like they do they have to expect this sort of scrutiny. I don’t feel bad at all because they expose all of their family for money.

  • Even if Robert really isn’t her biological father like they’re trying to make it seem, he was her DAD. He raised her like his other children and that’s all that matters.

  • tab

    he helped raise her, provided for her and loved her. he is her father regardless of what dna may or may not say.

  • Ralphie

    he aint her father.

  • Alyssa

    She looks just like her father…and her brother at times even, so I don’t see how people think she sticks out from the rest of her family. Yes she is taller and not as tiny as her sisters but that’s how most families are. Some people are ridiculous!

    • MarloMammy

      I agree totally. She has his facial bone structure. She looks more like him than the other siblings do. This was just a publicity stunt to boost lagging ratings.

    • Brandy

      Yep, I’ve always thought she looks the most like Robert Kardashian

  • blueblueblue

    “…suspected that she does share the same father as her siblings Kim, Kourtney, and Rob because she looks different from them. ”

    You mean: she does NOT share the same father…?

  • Dontbelieveit

    It really doesn’t matter who her dad really is, if Robert kardashian took care of her and loved her that’s all that matters. However, in true Kardashian fashion they felt they needed to announce it to the world, and I don’t believe it. Do we really think they would admit he’s not really her father? Is it possible two darker skinned people with black hair had a white baby with blonde hair? Yeah but it’s unlikely.

  • blah!

    i thought it was cruel that her sisters and mother were forcing her to do it in the first place. And blood does not make a good father. But what im most confused about it is why ppl think she isnt his kid because she doesnt look like her other siblings.. im obviously not the only person why sisters here.. in my family im dark skinned and my sisters are lighter.. thats just how it goes.. sometimes they have kids with black hair then one comes out with red!! you dont have to be identical to be related. Kourtney and kim dont look alike.. they just have the same hair/eye color.

  • D

    I have known a lot of siblings to look different from one another. I definitely think you can see that their Armenian roots are pretty dominant though.

    I have three neices who are sisters. One has brown hair and blue eyes and is medium-build and average height, one has blonde hair and brown eyes and is heavy-set and tall, one has blonde hair and blue eyes and is thin and tall. They draw features from both their parents, but you wouldn’t know they are sisters just from looking at them.

  • Georgia

    You can’t say Robert isn’t khloes father because she doesn’t look like the rest of her family I have pale skin and auburn hair while my sister has olive skin and dark hair and we are full blooded siblings not everyone looks the same -,-

  • sanoga

    Remember how Michael Jackson adamantly insisted that he was the biological father to his three children? Yeah… this is the exact same scenario. We all know better.

    • sam

      what?? children dont have to look alike to be related.. khloe is just taller. look at models for example: if you see their siblings they’re usually 5’1 and look nothing like them. no one in my family (cousins included) look alike.

  • San Jose Mama

    They probably didn’t do a DNA test, just putting it out there so they don’t lose more viewers; I’m sure they lost viewers after Kim’s fake marriage, and now they’re trying to gains some back by throwing out there that her new BF ghetto KW will show face on the show. They’ all pretty disgusting especially Pimp Mama Kris!

  • mickey

    All of you people talking shit should really go back to 8th grade biology and relearn your genes facts! So long as there is a smidgen of a blonde hair or blue eye gene you can have a child with blonde hair or blue eyes. AND brown eyes are RECESSIVE, which (for all you idiots out there) means the blue eyes will come out NOT the brown eyes. My husband and I both have brown eyes and hair and our little girl has blonde hair and blue eyes just like ALL of my sisters and my mother. AND her facial features are HIS mother’s. She looks nothing like me and is somewhat of a spitting image of him, although her looks mainly come from her grandma. Which is understandable since OUR genes come from our parents and so on and so forth. So before you go spouting idiocy, do some damn homework on what you’re TRYING to run your mouth about.

    • ashley

      Brown eyes are DOMINANT

    • iknowwhatimtalkingabout

      Wow you’re a dumbass. You just made yourself look so stupid. Brown eyes are dominant, blue eyes are recessive.Don’t sound so amazed your daughter has blue eyes, cause people with brown eyes can hold the dominant brown-eyed gene and the recessive blue eyed gene, if 2 parents with that type have a child, there is around a 25% chance that the child will have blue eyes. SORRY I FORGOT ALL THE CAPITALS CAUSE I’M RIGHT.

  • Ohnoyoudidnt

    @mickey, it wouldn’t be that big of an issue if she just didn’t look like any of the Kardashians. But kris Jenner admitted to having an affair around the same time period AND Khloe looks nothing like the rest of them. She pale (but tans), light hair(dyes it), huge compared to the rest of them height wise and weight side and doesn’t seem to share any features with the rest of them. That coupled with the affair makes it seem like, you know what? He’s probably not her dad. It’s not like they would admit it if he weren’t but still.

  • tanya

    Actually, Mickey YOU should go back to Biology b/c brown eyes are dominant!!! Maybe you’re the idiot?!

  • InWonderland

    Yea…blue eyes are dominant. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for two brown eyed people to conceive a blue eyed child. As long as both parents have the recessive gene.
    All four of my grandparents had blue eyes. Both of my parents have brown eyes. My brother has blue eyes. I have brown. It’s possible.

  • amanda

    Blue eyes are not dominant you idiots! Brown eyes are! READ A DAMN BOOK AND GET OFF GOOGLE!

  • Jesslou22

    I can’t believe what I’m reading… Brown eyes are dominant! Please check your facts before you type, your entire argument is garbage. It doesn’t matter if anyone believes the kaedashians, don’t you all know it’s not a reality show? It’s scripted and set-up…yet entertaining to some. So know its all a storyline to get you all ruffled. I’m sure there’s no doubt klohe is a Kaedashian, it is possible that a sibling may look different because there are different genes.. I know my sister and brother are both my moms side if the family, they practically look like twins. They are olive skinned and dark hair. I am the youngest, have very light skin, light hair and hazel eyes. We joke that I’m not related, but I am! It’s that I look like my dads great grandmother and my siblings look like my moms side. My dad is light skinned with green eyes and dark hair. There are lots of chances that your kids will look different. Grow up people!

    • Miss-Mandy Lynn

      everyone has one dominent gene and one resessive gene

  • Courtney

    Brown eyes are dominant and also 2 true blue eyed people can’t have a brown eyed baby!!!

    • RaeJeanne

      What do you mean by “true”. If any of their ancestors had brown eyes, they may carry a brown eye gene even if they are blue eyed. If one of those brown eyed genes is in the egg or sperm, the baby will have brown eyes. Blue eyes are a recent mutation in the eye color pool.

  • Tinashe

    Khloe is beautiful and l trully blieve she is Roberts child.anyway who cares wat all u idiots think.the only thing that matters is Khloe,so pliz back off u fools!

  • doesnt matter donated the sperm. robert is khloe’s dad. he raised her. its not about what some stupid DNA says. my child looks nothing like my husband. not even his relatives but she is his daughter.

  • brenda simms

    why don’t they show the dna test results? If it were me, I wouldnt have my pic in here, I wouldn’t be able to sit down until I had copies posted in all the tabloids.
    if she has proof she is roberts, WHY isn’t she showing us?
    where is it? lets see it.
    I want to see the dna results please

  • Lumbee

    When it comes to genetics and DNA u never know what u r going to get.
    My mom has sandy blonde hair blue eye.
    My dad is full blooded native American dark skin hair and eyes.
    I’m light olive skin tone blue eyes black hair.
    My son who is native American and salvadoran is light skinned auburn hair greenish hazel eyes.
    Just becuz khole isn’t identical to her sisters and brother does not mean she isn’t their full blooded sister.
    Before u spout off look deep into your family and u will see its not always cookie cutter perfect.

  • tellitlikeiseeit

    Khloe looks like Kris’ hairdresser Alex Roldan. Her middle name is Alexandria.

  • Tom

    Khloe has a right to do whatever the **ck she wants. She doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. Robert Kardashian raised her, so he is her father, nuff said! Lets move on people.

  • Ziggy

    Looks like and Eye color, Hair, Height and all the other issues of similarity or not, don’t matter-what is important is: health issues genetically transferred. If health issues came thru a family blood line, that is and what will be important as anyone with this dilemma faces and ages over time. All the other comments on whom raised whom and time spent with who-is a society of broken households and deceitful unfaithful parenting. It is, what it is-but to turn it into a show-their ethics have never been healthy-Karma.

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  • Kris knows the truth

    These people have done their best to make it their business to let other people into their business. If they wants to make this a big deal in front of the millions of viewers out there she should at least follow it through and take the test. It’s common decency and a fat cliff hanger ploy for the tele…I can’t help but want to know how it ends because I am a human and one who is hooked on watching these other humans “lives”. I wager the info is probably going to be used as some wild card move to save this business in the future because Kris 100% most definitely knows who her Koko’s father is, she’s just waiting for Khloe to get there on her own mental journey. When Khloe was born I’m pretty sure her parents would have had her DNA tested since she did have blonde hair, was fair skinned, and mainly because Kris admitted to cheating on her husband (the prior two are not really grounds for testing since genetics bows to no man… at least not at that time). To be a mother and not know who your child’s father is has got to be a pregnant women’s worst nightmare or at least one of them. Also with the bank he was pulling and his family values he upheld Idk how generous Robert Kardashian would have been towards no child of his own. Guys even though it’s not easily seen she’s a blood Kardashian. But give me the DNA test results soon okaayyy…because like any other wanting to be good human being “I have doubts.”