Jenelle Evans old BFF tells tabloid that the Teen Mom is indulging in acid

Jenelle Evans with her best friend Tori Rhyne

Jenelle Evans and Tori Rhyne go way back and you could write a young adult novel based on the travails of their on-again off-again relationship. They used to drink, smoke and ‘pass each other out’ back in the day, but this old friendship has been on rocky ground lately.

A while back Jenelle got ticked off claiming that Tori had sold her out to a tabloid about drug use and now we know exactly what those claims are. Radar is reporting via Star that according to Rhyne, Evans has been on an acid kick lately.  Tori said:

“She does it a lot — she fell in love with it. It’s just a little sheet that she puts on her tongue and waits for it to hit her: Then she gets all weird.”

Rhyne claims that Evans thinks that using LSD, “helps her, but it really doesn’t.” Evans has been on probation for a while now and takes drug testing on a regular basis. The report from Star claims that the tests are for marijuana use. Tori had a little something to say about that as well:

“After she gets off, she’s going to smoke a big blunt, that’s what she told me.”

Tori was in the middle of Evans’ recent Twitter blasting with on-again (?) boyfriend Gary Head. The Teen Mom’s fuse was lit when she discovered that Head had been intimate with Rhyne. According to Rhyne this happened before Evans and Head were an item.

Jenelle’s always busy lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, made a statement in regards to Tori’s claims:

“The allegations against my client are absolutely false.”

  • Caroline

    While I do not think Janelle is an angel, I find it hard to believe the court would just test for one drug marijuana? I really wish Janelle could stay out of this back and forth drama and finish her schooling.

  • Kelly

    What a moron. They don’t just test for marijuana, they test for a wide variety of drugs.

  • Lara

    Is this news??? What doesn’t this kid do . . . besides take care of her child 🙁

    • CiCi

      Right? You called it…..

      It’s sad, but I wonder sometimes if this girl is hopeless. She’s been trying for so long to drop the drama and get it together….. But then again, she’s still very young, so….. Hopefully it will work out in the end.

  • kaylaaa

    acid, lsd, shrooms and all that don’t show up in piss tests so it doesn’t even matter.

  • a

    Seems to me like tori wants 15 mins of fame again..

  • C

    I think they test for everything, as well. I was on probation for something that had nothing to do with drugs but I still had to take drug tests. They tested for everything they could, basically. I would assume it would show up.

  • yup

    Tori definitely wants attention, she said jenelle smokes weed after, so she would fail the drug test if she did, but she hasn’t so tori is a liar.

  • Brittany

    I perform lab tests and and can verify that testing for LSD is NOT included in a regular panel. LSD only stays in urine for 8-24hrs and it is an expensive test; because of these factors, it is not regularly screened for. The only times people get screened for this is when habitual use is suspected (of that drug in particular) or if there is an autopsy being done.

    I bet Jenelle looked into this before “selecting” a drug that she can use without being caught.

  • asia

    So what if Jenelle smokes a blunt after her probation, smoking weed doesnt make you a bad person or a bad mother. You people need to get off your high horse. If the acid rumors are true, then yes that is definately a problem. Weed grows from the ground it’s natural and doctors even prescribe it to patients going thru chemo & other bad medical problems, alcohol and cigarettes kill & harm more people than weed, yet they are legal. Enjoy your blunt Jenelle!

    • Brittany

      A lot of stuff grows in the ground. It’s when you light it that a little thing called combustion happens. It releases harmful chemicals. Weed contains the same toxins and carcinogens as cigarettes, except at a concentration of about 16x higher. Please, if you’re going to “light it up” or be a stoner or whatever, do your research and know what you’re talking about. Admit it’s unhealthy and stop lying to yourself. It’s truly a disgusting habit and too many people do not know the consequences of being a habitual user. I see sputum samples of people who smoke and it’s so disgusting and harmful to the body.

  • its1999

    Long story short – never become Jenelle’s friend because when she turns on you, sh*t’s gonna fly!