VIDEO Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry Irwin on Good Morning America

Kailyn irwin Chelsea Houska GMA

Tonight is the night when deuces are wild as the second season of Teen Mom 2 hits the airwaves of MTV. In a little promotional big city action cast members Kailyn Irwin and Chelsea Houska sat down with the fine folks of Good Morning America to talk about the upcoming season and how their lives have changed since their 16 & Pregnant episodes.

Before we check the clip out I did want to mention that Kailyn weighed in on the Farrah Abraham vs The Kardashians Twitter war and she fell squarely on the side of Kourtney K. Kailyn tweeted, “Come on Farrah, Kourtney has nothing to (do) with Teen Mom…”

Meanwhile back at the set of GMA, Kailyn and Chelsea opened up about the show and what it has meant in their lives:

Kailyn discussed her arrangement with baby-daddy Jo Rivera who is pursuing a rap career as N.I.C.K. B. Irwin said:

“Right now we’re in a good place and we’re still trying to co-parent. We’re still on a rollercoaster, but right now we’re in a good place.”

Chelsea talked about how hard she struggled with her split from Aubree Skye’s father Adam Lind. She further detailed her desire to have a married nuclear family for her child but how when you get pregnant young this is often not in the cards:

“I always wanted my family together. I believe children should have a full family. You should be married when you have a child. When you have a kid young, you just can’t always give them that opportunity.”

Kailyn later discussed the strange reality of having all those cameras present all the time:

“It [the show] can add a certain level of stress because there are certain times where you feel really vulnerable and you want to experience something by yourself but you have these cameras there. But I think part of it is pretty good because we get everything documented. We get a look back at mistakes we made and try to improve on them.”

The clip also dove once again into that seemingly bottomless well discussion of whether or not Teen Mom encourages and glamorizes teen pregnancy. If you read starcasm then you know our position which would be if any young girl genuinely watches the show, say three-four episodes, it would be shocking to us if their thought process would be, “I want to do that.”

We acknowledge that the “Teen Moms” have been provided a certain level of fame and are compensated in accordance to the popularity of the show but the bottom line is these young women struggle and often have their hearts broken as they push forward trying to make a life for themselves and more importantly their children.

Kailyn summed that up pretty well when she said:

“There’s no way that any of that is glamorous. That’s so important. It’s so hard. I don’t think people really are thinking about that when they say it’s glamorous.”

Chelsea added that, “We try extra hard to be good role models for the other girls out there.”