Jenelle Evans’ BFF Tori Rhyne says two would steal, drink, smoke and ‘pass each other out’

Jenelle Evans with her best friend Tori Rhyne

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans recently made a tweet-out to her followers suggesting that they follow her best friend, Tori Rhyne. The two go way back and if you’ve caught our exclusive video of Jenelle smoking what appears to be a joint it’s Tori who’s sitting in the driver’s seat jamming (and smoking) with her.

They’ve had their own struggles like we all do with close friends as it was reported that Jenelle got into a physical altercation with Tori shortly after the infamous caught-on-tape brawl with Britany Truett.

Tori goes by the handle Victoria Killem on Twitter and her tag reads:

“Follow Me (: Yes this is TORi, and this is my real twitter and MY ONLY twitter. soon there will be fakes. so watch out \\”

Miss Rhyne is into tattoos, piercings, hanging with Jenelle, cheese puffs and beer. Hey I think we’d get along – I’m into all those things too!

Jenelle and Tori share a special friendship according to Victoria’s tumblr account which features many photos of the two and videos as well. In a post from 7 months ago Tori made a heartfelt shout out to Jenelle in which she wrote:

Jenelle Evans:

This girl to your left of me (referring to the top image),is my BESTFRIEND, and has been for almost 6 years.

we have been through everthing together.

from haveing horrible repeated moments at walmart, the being at the beach young and drunk haha, wrestling my uncle, running at the water front about 13 and 14 years old being stoned and getting my foot stuck in a huge mud puddle and then kept running not realizing i even lost my flip flop…from going in and out of eagles getting everything we wanted without anyone ever knowing BAHAHAA. from sneaking into her moms liquor cabinet and just helping ourselves to the best of drinks :] from going into her sisters room and taking pictures like we were some kind of photographers and then snooping through her stuff and come to find out she was a devil witch! lmao.

Jenelle Evans bff Victoria Killem

from going to school and sadly to say go to the bathroom stall and pass each other out and film it hahahhaahhaaha OH MY GAH! we were retards.

heres a toast to all the nights you snuck out and ran to my house, to the nights we felt alive, to the tears you knew we would cry, to the fights we got into in the past, to night days we would just sit in my house while everybody was gone, smoke and video tape us doing all kinds of retarded stuff.

Jenelle, you will always be my bestfriend, no matter what!

you will always be in my life.

lets Rock this World Together!



It sounds like Jenelle isn’t the only girl in Oak Island who’s had it in for Barbara 😉 And I’m guessing that’s an inside joke about Jenelle’s older sister Ashleigh.

Tori has a Facebook page under Victoria Killem that is (as of this post) public and has a number of great photos of her ink, with Jenelle and the following one chillin’ with Dr. Drew!

Tori Rhyne Teen Mom 2 Dr. Drew

Well that’s a brief introduction to Jenelle’s main girl Tori (Victoria Killem) just so you know. If you want to follow her on Twitter like Jenelle asked you can find her here.


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