Reality show breakdown: The truth about Kailyn Lowry’s cheating with Jo, and break-up with Jordan

If you watch Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 as religiously as we do, you can tell that A LOT of the conversations filmed are staged. That doesn’t mean they’re completely made up, but that they often seem to meet together to talk about things going on in their lives (in ways they might not have done if they weren’t being filmed for a reality show,) and sometimes it seems like they are recreating certain conversations. This happens all the time in reality television, it’s not just MTV. The cameras can’t be around people 24/7, and sometimes they arrange conversations to go over things that happened off camera (or like often the case of the Real Housewives, to ignite arguments, drink throwing, and drama.)

Sometimes we think we know people based on what we see on TV, and a lot of times we do get accurate glimpses into reality stars’ lives, but the audience can’t see everything and know everything (it’s not like we have a live-feed on their lives: their stories have to be edited, and packaged into segments with other people when it’s an ensemble show.)

Tuesday night on the Teen Mom 2 finale we saw Kailyn Lowry cheat on her boyfriend Jordan Wenner with her ex (and baby Isaac’s dad) Jo Rivera, then admit she cheated to Jordan, and last of all, try to get back with Jo.

All these things really happened, but a source close to the situation tells us that what the audience saw was a recreation, even a retelling, of real events.

Jo Rivera and Kailyn Lowry give their son Isaac a bath

First: Kailyn and Jo hooked up off camera, and the audience thought they saw what happened, but it was actually a recreated scene. The source tells us that when it did happen it was more spontaneous: the scene we saw was more calculated, with Kail asking Jo to spend the night.

Second: Jordan and Kail seem to be breaking up on camera, and they’re both acting, um, a little weird. Especially Kail, who seems cold (a major complaint about her from the viewers of the show.) Jordan seems like he already knew that Kail cheated, and that’s because he did. According to our source, the couple had already broken up when they filmed this scene, and he didn’t find out from Kail telling him, he is said to have walked in Kail’s house to find Jo there, and Kail stepping out of the shower. Jo and Jordan then got into a screaming match outside of Kail’s house.

In the break-up scene, Kail seems angry at Jordan for walking away, but doesn’t seem to be too torn up about the situation. We’re told that when she and Jordan were going through their break-up Kail was sorry about what she did with Jo, and she wanted to work out her relationship with Jordan. By the time they filmed the scene, they had already been through an emotional ringer together, trying for a while to be together, but had ultimately ended it.

Third: Kail’s situation with Jo was a little more complicated after her breakup with Jordan. They reportedly tried to date several weeks, but it became apparent Jo didn’t want to exclusively date Kail (he was also seeing a girl named Vee.) It wasn’t just a neat, tidy little sit-down where Kail asks Jo to date her because she and Jordan broke up, and then Jo basically tells her he wants to be a player. That’s sort of the essence of what happened, but it wasn’t that simple.

We also have multiple sources telling us that while on the show it looks like Corey and Leah broke up after Leah confessed to cheating on Corey on camera, there was a lot more going on (we hear that Corey already knew about Leah’s cheating, and may have known for quite some time), and allegedly Corey had allegedly ALSO cheated on Leah. There was an incident around the time they decided to end their marriage where Leah was filmed by paparazzi crying over Facebook messages (MTV’s cameras were there, but they didn’t go with the scene.) Soon afterwards a girl named Jordan Humble came forward to US Weekly, telling them that Corey had been cheating on Leah with her. It’s a little odd that no mention of this situation was made on the show, if it’s true that Corey cheated. We also exclusively reported that right after Leah and Corey filed for divorce, Corey had moved on to a young woman named Amber Scaggs, but that relationship didn’t last long and Amber has since stated that the two never actually slept together.

Things on reality television aren’t always exactly what they seem. Reality television is a documentary style of television, but it’s primary purpose is entertainment. The producers are trying to tell a story, and sometimes that means manipulating, altering, and/or recreating “reality” to that end. Remember that before you take any of it too seriously. That doesn’t make reality television less fun, or less easy to snark, but keep in mind that there are MANY things going on, much of which the audience never sees.

Some of the comments below feel that this article was was an attempt to excuse the cheating that Leah and Kail admitted to. It definitely isn’t saying that, and are perplexed about why some people think we were. Cheating is a betrayal of trust, and it’s up to the people involved to decide how to handle it, and it’s up to the people who cheat to face the consequences.

CLICK HERE to see evidence that, shocking, Kourtney and Kim Take New York filmed a scene of Kim telling her mom that she was unhappy in her marriage AFTER she got divorced. And HERE to see a Jersey Shore staged scene.

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  • Mom of 4

    The fact remains that Kail cheated on Jordan and Leah and Corey cheated on each other and the bottom line is, that’s WRONG.

    • erica

      That’s life kail isnt going to be over jo just on the fact that he’s the father of her child. As for leah and corey they didnt know each other when they conceived children so there was no base other than they have kids together.

      • Sarah

        Yes, but having feelings for someone still doesn’t justify cheating.

        For the sake of argument, let’s say that it does. By that logic, it would totally be ok for me to cheat on my boyfriend with my ex if I still had feelings for my ex, but it wouldn’t be ok to cheat with that same ex if I no longer had feelings for him. In both situations, I cheated. However, in one situation my boyfriend has the right to feel upset, and in the other he’s expected to just suck it up and deal with it because, darn it, I had FEELINGS for my ex, and lord knows having feelings for someone is a free pass for you to have sex with them, even if you’re in a relationship with someone else.

        If that doesn’t strike you as wrong on at least some level, I don’t know what to say.

  • CooCoo

    If you ask me MTV broke up Leah and Cory to make things twist. I have a feeling it was set up just like all these girls in corys life. It seemed forced until the move then both of them realized hey I want the money but is it worth it. MTV you suck for putting these young people through this. Get the couple back together give them a bonus just for them breaking up because really they are the show, jenelle is just a Bi poloar filler when your board of normal county people. Kail I really liked her until this. Why in the world did she let jealously make her return to Joe Oh wait thats right shes a teen….. Ugh! Chasey yea you CHASEyyyyy you need help girlfriend I hope that in the future Adam marries you and you can live the rest of your life miserable and never know what REAL happiness is because with him you will never get it. lol

    • Sarah

      Unfortunately reality television has broken up many couples and they will never be compensated, nor do I think they should be. They chose to be on the show, and they must have known what having a camera in your face can do to your relationships. Only a couple with a really strong foundation can make it through that sort of thing. Oh well, Leah and Corey would have broken up anyway, they didn’t even know each other.

  • Jomo

    they ALL cheated on each other! on one sense you cant really blame them, think about how dramatic and irrational your high school relationships were, they were kids when they had kids! they are all stuck in high school mode with high school relationships. You cant really expect anything more.

  • Alyssa

    Stupid….the whole show is just STUPID!!!!

  • Mandy

    I wonder who your source is telling you that Corey cheated? Good lord if your “source” is one half of the story you have no credit whatsoever.

    • Jill

      Leah and her friend Amy that run her official fan page on Facebook said that Corey did cheat on her during their marriage and he was physically and verbally abusive towards her. I don’t know her personally, but why would she lie about it? One of them in one of Leah’s segments on the finale said something about the abuse or Corey cheating but you can’t really hear it because, MTV put background noise in. He seemed very manipulative and controlling on the show, so that could be how it really went down between them. MTV is only trying to make good television even if it’s not the truth..

  • ohmygeez

    Kailyn needs to realize that cheating and immediately apologizing for it does not make it ok. The way she was talking to Jordan was just downright disrespectful. I am glad it blew up in her face with Jo. They may have kids but these girls are still young and immature when it comes to relationships.

    • Sarah

      Did you not read the article? I agree that Kail was very cold and rude, but in the article it clearly states that it was a re-enactment. Hopefully when the break up actually happened Kail was kinder, but we’ll never know.

  • Nicole

    I would believe this if Kails friend Tori wasn’t the one that gave you the story because she is just a lackey who would do anything for her famous friend. She wasn’t their she lives in Mississippi so whatever story she told you Kail told her to say to make herself look good.

  • ncweaver709

    This really makes u think about the fight that Amber and Gary had where she gets physical with him….did that REALLY happen that way or was it what MTV wanted her to do and that’s why she got paid so much more than the other girls to take care of the legal problems that MTV knew she would get into because of that scene? that girl is already on a downward spiral without MTV helping her. these girls are young and looking to make the most amount of money to support themselves and their children and it seems like MTV knows this and is using it to their advantage to get the girls to do what will get ratings. if this is the case, then shame of MTV!

  • LORI

    I don’t like how they recreate these scenes, because the way we see it happens, determines how we feel about the people involved. I think if the cameras aren’t there when it happens it shouldn’t be filmed. The girls can just tell the camera what happened. That really made Kail look bad with Jordan like she didn’t care, and it made Jo look like he got her back for cheating. If I wanted to watch fake stuff, I wouldn’t watch reality tv.

  • Melissa

    I got a direct message on twitter from Corey saying if he had cheated on Leah while they were marries there is absolutely no way MTV would leave it out…

  • Havok

    I think it’s pretty obvious most of the stuff on is show is ‘recreated’ or just really bad editing. Look at the first episode. They showed Chelsea with blonde hair and aubree was atleast a year old and then two seconds later she was a brunette and Aubree was olay a few months old. Ridiculous! Reality tv should be that, reality. You don’t get second takes in real life.

  • inwonderland

    Why don’t you post this for any other show? Everyone involved in Leah’s life have tried to make a villain out of Corey and MTV. We get it, he cheated too. Enough. I’m just getting a little sick about all the ass kissing this blog has become accustomed to.

    • Starcasm Staff

      We would post this for any other show.

    • Ali

      Im 100% with you. This article was only written in an attempt to make Kail (and the other cheating CHILDREN) not look like the bad people they are. When it comes to TM2 i have never read a REAL opinion. The articles are always tailored to benefit these girls.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Have you seen our article on Kourtney and Kim take New York:

      • Mandy

        Kim Kardashian doesn’t talk to you guys on twitter. So there would be no reason for you guys to write positively about her. The teen moms, on the other hand respond to you guys (I bet your panties get SO wet) and feed you their side of things in order to get articles written, which you then do.

        • Michelle

          oh dear someone needs to grow up a little…

      • inwonderland

        Right, but that article paints Kim in a negative light, this one is attempting to paint the girls in a better one. I understand explaining Kail’s side as I feel like it hasn’t been done yet. But to add Leah into this feels like yet another opportunity to somehow clear her name. You’ve posted several articles defending Leah, you’ve moderated comments and turned off comments regarding Leah, and you finish almost every article about her with a warning to take her feelings into consideration. I defend this blog a lot, but in the instance of Leah, it’s pretty obvious where your loyalties lye.

  • Mslux

    Is this supposed to make it all better? It seems like you guys defend these girls to the end….the biased opinions are getting old. And I hate, hate, hate when people blame editing. If you didn’t act like a fool in the first place, there would be no scene to “create”. Notice, no one blames the editing, or says “you don’t know these girls, you’re not getting the full story” when it comes to Jenelle.
    The fact remains, Leah cheated a week before their wedding. That’s pretty disgusting and unforgivable. Who really cares what Corey did after the fact? Does it make a difference or change what Leah did? No. Leah set the tone for that marriage. If you want to bring up rumors and stories, it was said that Corey only hooked up with anybody once they were already separated. A poor choice, but still doesn’t make him a bad guy.
    And as for Kailyn…. I’m sure the source is Kailyn herself because she’s fairly obsessed with getting people to like her….but I have to point out, Jordan was uncomfortable with the idea of Jo having visits during the week and just hanging out. Of course he didn’t have to be told that something did, in fact, happen. That could also explain why there was no real surprise.
    If Kailyn was actively working on a relationship with Jo at any point, then why, during that time, was she was posting nasty things on facebook about how he doesn’t take care of his son, saying he’s too focused on his music…great gal. No wonder why he doesn’t want her.

    • Starcasm Staff

      No, this doesn’t make cheating better. This was a piece putting perspective on a television show, not an argument in defense of cheating.

  • The Voice of Reason

    Geez people. Relax. None of this has a direct impact on your life, does it? In the grand scheme of things what does any of this mean to your life? Nothing. Who cares who cheated and why? It’s a freaking reality show, of course they recreate scenes and edit things. If they didn’t, the show would be boring and no one would watch it. Unfortunately that’s just the way our society works. We love a good scandal, and the producers are well aware of this fact, and they cater to it.

    • Cassie grace

      Amen! And it’s obvious the people getting mad are still watching!

  • Pam

    Who cares how it was edited? What happened, happened. You would think since some scenes were retakes they would try to sugarcoat it. But they didn’t. They still showed real emotions. Jordan was still mad Kail cheated with Jo. Kail was still cold towards Jordan. Leah and Cory were both hurt their marriage fell apart, and Chelsea couldn’t hold back a smile anytime Adam’s name was mentioned. Retakes or scripted…real emotions still come through.

  • coco

    I have said all along that the editing on many of these shows, Teen Mom in particular, is horribly pieced together. You can tell by the emotions or lack thereof, when scenes are recreated due to the fact that filming wasn’t going on but is good fodder for the show. I don’t think I would want to relive horrible moments in my life just because producers ask me to.

  • Caroline

    I think this group of mom’s lives are too boring & MTV can’t have the camera there 24/7. Chelsea, Kail & Janelle didn’t have much going on. It was the same old stuff over & over. Chelsea crying for Adam, Janelle crying for Pot and Keifer, and Kail the victim working 2 jobs & going to school. In order to have any storyline they had to go back and refilm which means they should stop filming these girls. At most they need to go to every 6 month specials. They could show a day in the life of each girl every 6 months. Lets say Kail is really doing everything she says(I doubt it), then it would be a better way to show real teen motherhood, to show Kail waking up at 6 am getting ready, brigning Issac to daycare, going to class, going to job 1, pciking up Issac, getting dinner made, laundry, juggling dating with bathtime etc.

  • Kj

    I love you, Starcasm. You’re so balanced and fun to read when it comes to TM/2 and 16&P, unlike Teen Mom Talk. ☺

  • NotCool

    So here’s my deal with Corey’s alleged cheating. Why wouldn’t MTV throw that out to the audience to make us feel bad for Leah? They ALWAYS protect the mothers, so I’m thinking these sources are crazy Amy LaDawn. Please stop trying to compete with Teen Mom Talk. You are better than that. Have a little bit of integrity in the future with this sources crap.

    • what a joke

      I agree there would have ben many scene oppurtunites to watch Leah cry over Corey cheating to her mom and friends. How many times did we have to watch Chelsea boohoo over Adam cheating, and he isn’t even a major part of the show!
      Annd… I know it has been pointed out before, but c’mon … Ugg boots + Coach purse do not equal struggling teen mom that works 2 jobs and needs a rent controlled apartment. Nor do constant trips to get their hair dyed, acrylic nails, pedicures, the over abundance of VS PINK clothing, and the new Ford Fusion and brand new 4-door Jeep.

  • teena


    • momma

      Yes! I noticed it was ugly! And her fake crying with her makeup always a mess ugh!

  • Cami

    Ugh..WHY? I liked this show for what seemed to be its REAL in reality. I think when it started as 16 & pregnant is probably wasnt staged. MTV wants teens to relate to this show..but its set up?!? Not to mention Kailyn has a COACH PURSE! Didnt she just get assistance from an organization to help pay rent?? There are people who dont get paid to be on TV who could really use that money / help.

  • jess

    this info kind of makes me not want to watch anymore. doesn’t seem real anymore….

  • Daisy

    I live in WV and have heard that Corey knew about Leah cheating before the marriage and that he didn’t cheat until the marriage began. The whole, “Did you have your ring on?” stuff was part of their fake conversation to stir up television drama.

    I don’t follow Amy LaDawn though. I am so confused about how they are such great friends, but she is never on the show? It is always Kayla?

    It seems like everyone on MTV reality shows are very good at communicating with one another with all these long conversations they have over things going on in their lives. 😉

  • Jessica

    Here the thing I don’t believe for one sec that Corey knew about Leah cheating for weeks any normal person can see that Corey was in pain and his heart was breaking.

    If this was the case and it was supposely setup then Corey needs to go to Hollywood and get a agent because that was the best fake crying scene ever.

    As for Kail and Jo dating for weeks after the whole cheating mess I call Bs on that story too. All these girls have twitter, fans pages they are all into the social network sites.

    People are always find out information about these girls even when they are not filming. So Kail is trying to get everyone to believe that in between last year her and Jo got back together.

    And sites like this never found out that they were back together. Would that have been big news to the whole teen mom world

    Total Bs right there I do believe that Mtv make them reshoot some scenes. But come on Mtv is not that smart to fake actually human emotions no way.

    This is Kail and Leah and Amy trying to spin something to make themselves look little better to the public and the fact that Leah and her lapdog would even suggest and hint that Corey is or was abused. Is digust and childish and not cool at all Leah and her friend should be ashamed of themselves but this is Leah she has no self respect.

    Let said Corey did cheat on Leah who cares they marriage was over they were separated they were no longer together. So why is Leah and her friend worry about what Corey was doing at the time it’s seem to me that Leah and her lapdog just want to try make Corey into this monster.

    To yet again justified Leah’s cheating on Corey again with Robbie Mtv may be following these girls around but Mtv does not force these girls to made the stupid immature decision. That they make on tv .

    Like Dr. phil says You choose the Behavior so there for you choose the Consequences I have to agree with everyone is who saying stuff about starcasm .

    You guys made funny of Christina Aguilera when she was singing at Etta James funeral you trash the Kashdasian daily on posts. You have snarks comments about every other reality stars out there but for some reasons when it comes to the teen mom and teen mom 2.

    You guys are always saying remember they have feeling too but what about the about Christina Aguilera feels or any other stars and reality personality. You guys are supposed to have unbiased opionion about everyone you guys don’t tell the truths about the girls.

    You sugarcoats everything with these girls you glossed over all their flaws and mistakes you guys are actually in bed with Leah and her mother. And are now moderations comments what happen to freedom of speechs I’m not saying that these deserve to be bullyied or anything. But people have the right to voice their opionion about the shows or the girls these girls sign up for the show.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Thank you for your heartfelt feedback.

      In regards to moderation: We are actually moderating comments a lot less than we used to. Every single comment used to be held for moderation, and that is no longer so. Please read the policy above to clarify (If it’s your very first comment, or if you comment contains words that have been flagged in our commenting system like profanity and hate speech, it will be automatically held in moderation until a moderator approves it. We usually just censor profanity (commenters are free to censor their own profanity so their comment shows up automatically. We never approve comments held in moderation that are racist, homophobic, death wishes, etc.) We don’t even read most of the comments anymore, but if they become personally abusive or threatening to other commenters, we do reserve the right to delete comments or close comments on a post. Even when every single one of our comments was held in moderation, we still only deleted comments that were extremely hateful or threatening.)

      Also this post doesn’t tell you to personally excuse cheating, or not snark about reality stars, it puts reality television into perspective and simply asks that you not take the footage you see too seriously. Not just this show, but Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives, all the Kardashian Shows, Gold Rush, etc. Reality shows aren’t “fake” per say, but they aren’t always telling all of the truth. Neither are even some of the most in-depth, and heavily cited articles you can read on the internet, newspapers, and magazines. There are limitations to every piece of media you encounter. It’s up to you to you as a reader or watcher to use the information you find to make your own opinion.

      Please also keep in mind that there are different writers on this site, and they have different opinions. There are many facets to this site: sometimes humorous, sometimes in-depth, sometimes a quick post about a hot topic. The ultimately goal of the site is to provide entertainment while also providing information. If we are ever wrong, make a mistake, or receive more information, we strive to do as much as possible with our staff and resources to make retractions, admit mistakes and change them, and add new information that may shed more light on a situation. We appreciate everyone who reads our site, and encourage you to express your opinion as often as possible.

  • Franj

    All you gurls that kan’t keep your legs closed are pathetic. You deserve everything you get.

  • Tina

    MTV wouldn’t have left Corey’s cheating out had it happened while he and Leah were together still and the divorce proceedings weren’t going on. And Corey being physically abusive to Leah? You really think MTV would’ve left that out? They showed Amber beating Gary so no, I don’t think so. As far as Kailyn goes I never liked her and I sensed that she has this under handedness about her. Kailyn is a sneaky person and when she’s caught she turns the situation around on the person who caught her red handed. And all these girls work soooo hard to take care of their children and they provide them the most stable enviroment possible, HA! The only TM2 girl doing that is Jenelle so what does that tell you?

    • Rachel Graham

      Jenelle? Really?

  • showsreallygood

    When I watch the show and there are scenes with Kail I am perplexed by her reaction to serious situations. The Child Support Situation for instance. The mature thing to do would have been to inform Jo of her plans to pursue child support prior to going to the CHild Support office and then calling him and leaving a message. Then the situation with in which she moved out of her mother’s home without telling her. No one is saying that she shouldn’t have pursued child suport or even moved into her own place, but there is a way to do everything. These girls want to be adults and have sex and get married, and move in with boyfriends and baby daddys but when it comes to making adult decisions and handling situations like real adults they fail to do so. Kail always has this I don’t care attutude. Like when she informed Jordan of what happened with JO she had no sympathy for how he would feel. It is like she forgot how she professed on the last reunion show how in love with JOrdan she was. She wanted to yell at him for being hurt and upset. That’s not right. She then just sat there and said well don’t coming blaming her for his decision to leave. I don’t blame Jordan get away from that train wreck while you can. Kail maybe yo need counseling. I think the relationship that yo had with your mother during your formative years has altered your personality. To me you don’t have one!! I am not trying to be mean but you really don’t. You have no remorse for how you treat others, especially those that has helped you along the way. You turned your back on Jo’s parents, your mom after she allowed you to live with her and gave you a car to drive. You basically told Jordan oh well get over it, when you told him you cheated after he helped you alot when you wrecked your car and was struggling. I think you got with Jordan in an effort to make Jo jealous. That all backfired on you. Be careful how you treat people. You really need to grow up and develop a personality and a conscience.

  • CooCoo

    There was an article on here that Dawn was a teen mom to Leah and I posted a comment saying The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Never posted so yes they are bias to an extent.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Sorry to hear that your comment didn’t post back when we were moderating all of our comments. Sometimes, when we were manually approving every single comment, we would make the occasional mistake. If your comment said what you wrote approve, it seems like it was mistakenly deleted.

  • Dr Drew was wrong

    I totally agreed with what Jordan said during the finale. Dr Drew kept trying to get him to give Kail another chance. Fact is kail only wants Jordan if Jo doesn’t want her. thats just wrong.

  • Steve A

    Who cares realy ? These girls are paid to do this and will keep doing it till the money stops flowing . Struggling supposed teens moms buying houses and new cars . It’s all about the money , if filming stopped today would anyone care what would happen to these little girls ? Yes that is what they are .In and out of jail , drug use , cheating so much drama over small stuff . Good role model’s for there kids , there getting paid almost 100 grand a season yet they cry for child support OK .Is this what today’s society becoming ? Would anyone realy care what these girls do in there life if they were ever on camera ?