Jenelle Evans makes it official, is dating Gary Head

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans kissing her new boyfriend Gary Head

Earlier today we posted that Teen Mom Farrah Abraham had called it quits with her new man Marcel Kaminstein, but the Teen Mom Universe has remained in balance because Jenelle Evans has made it official that she is in fact dating 23-year-old Gary Head! Jenelle has been sharing photos of herself with Gary on Twitter and Facebook, including the above photo from New Years Eve that was accompanied by the tweet, “New years kiss :)”

Jenelle has been adamantly denying rumors that the two were dating, insisting that they were only friends, But, it seems that something changed since Gary has been taking care of an ailing Jenelle the last few days! (Jenelle described her ailments by tweeting, “Ears hurt, jaw hurts, teeth hurt, can’t talk, throat hurts, head pounding, necandk hurts, eyes feel like a balloon. hospital soon….”) It also couldn’t have hurt that Gary went with Jenelle to court earlier today as she dealt with the legal issues surrounding her lease after her first roommate Amber Lane left a couple months ago. (That gives new meaning to “courting” someone!)

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and her new boyfriend Gary HEad

We spoke with a source close to Jenelle earlier today who told us, “Yeah, they officially decided today they are dating.” Soon after that Jenelle took to her Facebook page and made the famous switch to “In a relationship” along with another photo of her gettin’ her smooch on with Gary from New Years Eve:

Jenelle Evans changes her Facebook relationship status to In A Relationship

Before all you Teen Mom fans get all upset about the impact this will have on Jace, our source tells us Gary “hasn’t met Jace yet because Jenelle thinks it’s still too soon.” (I’m sure Bahhhhbra approves!)

And backing up the theory that Gary Head’s turn as Jenelle’s own personal Florence Nightengale helped take their relationship to the next level, our source says, “He has been taking care of Jenelle the whole time she’s been sick. He even drove 30 minutes away to Bath And Body Works to get her bath salt so she could relax. And that was Gary’s idea.”

Jenelle Evans new boyfriend Gary Head

So what’s the story on Gary Head? Is he a coastal drifter with serious grillin’ skills who’s constantly in trouble with the law? Nope, Gary is no Kieffer Delp! When someone tweeted to Gary, “I thought you were an Army man” Gary responded quite simply with, “Marine. We work hard and party harder.” (Is it really possible Jenelle Evans is dating a Marine! Holy smokes!)

Well, congratulations to Jenelle on her new man! Sadly, he had to leave earlier tonight to return to base (According to his Twitter account) to which Jenelle responded, “:( I wish u were able to stay at least one more night.” Awwwwww… Sumbuddy’s in lurv y’all!

(Oh, and yes, he does look a bit like Jenelle’s ex Andrew – only a bit less waify.)

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  • smh

    This guy is NOT a winner either! look at his tweets everyday to people and randomly, you can tell she really like them bad guys. How much you wanna bet her mom don’t like him? He’s trashy. He says Nigg@, he sounds like a drug dealer if u ask me. Jenelle is supposed to be on probation and is around someone that drinks and more than likely smokes weed as well and sells drugs. Jenelle really needs help. She has not changed. Just because she went to school, got her GED, her own place doesn’t mean she CHANGED! It will be a matter of time to see another Jenelle mugshot or him

    • mmm

      Marines get u.a’s he cant smoke weed. just saying.

    • Uhuh

      Practically everytime they return to base they are drug tested, yeah I’m sure he was lighting up on the way back to base. SMH.

      • agreed

        i so agree.. they get drug tested randomly. so i doubt he is doing drugs/and why does everyone have to bash janelle.. she is trying to straighten her life up! it does take time people~ not gonna happen over night

    • Ben_Head

      I totally agree with ‘smh’ def not an upgrade, if anything this guy looks like he got her got up with more than weed and alcohol…she’s caught up more than ever now lmao….!!!

    • chris

      Haha man good on you bro, and to think 2 min ago I saw you and we were in fact taking a p!ss test comin off the holidays

  • Mandy

    Sad when the girls on your shirt are like 21956493 times hotter than the actual girl you are with. LOL

    • whitney

      Your just pure stupid!! LMFAO

      • Kaylie


        • Mandy

          ROFL! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • whitney

            HAHAH You guys always find the negative in every situation!! You probably hate your own life and have to say mean things about other ppl.. Bunch of haters LMFAO

            • Amanda

              It ain’t hard to find the negative when you’re looking at Jenelle lol. Screams at you to notice..she’s a loser and you know it!

            • agreed

              whitney i agree with you..

  • brianna

    hey he is an complete upgrade from Keiffer funky butt

  • Lexy

    Uhm upgrade from Keiffer. DUH! He doesn’t smoke weed, he’s a god damn marine you morons. I’m sure with Jenelle, the marines, and paparazzi shoved up his ass, he BARELY has time to smoke weed, and just because he’s associated with Jenelle, automatically means he’s a drug dealer. You guys are socialist bandwagon morons .

    • inwonderland

      lol, overarching much?

      Anyway, I think it remains to be see how good of a guy he is. It’s easy to be good in the beginning.

    • Mary


    • Amanda

      Do you even know what a socialist is? First of all, people who are socialist’s are proud of it. Second of all, there is nothing in the statement that made them sound like a socialist. It seems like people heard ‘socialist’ is bad, and all of a sudden… they think they should use it..

  • Diana

    I give it 2 weeks before she starts trash talking him on facebook and twitter. Girl is a mess in the worst way.

  • selene

    Smh people are already talking sh!t about this Guy without knowing him ya need to stfu let him prove himself to be good or bad before bashing him and thank God that she’s done with that low life she was with before

  • OhMyGeez

    He at least appears to have better hygiene than Keiffer who always looked like a transient.

    • 0311 Wife


  • CHAD

    You know whats funny all of you idiots that are saying leave gary alone you dont know him. You are all stupid. Look at the shirt he is wearing in public with two women without any clothes. Kids could see that fifth when this guy (who i bet was born in a trailor park) wears this shirt. janelle and him were meant for each other as they are both TRASH

  • tab

    nice shirt he has.
    and, i just watched a news story today that talked about how bath salts are the new over the counter “drug” that teens and young people are abusing. i’m sure he didn’t get them for her so she could “relax”. no wonder she’s been passing all her drug tests, she’s snuffing bath salts!
    here’s an article about it.

    • Lo

      Obviously you did not see in the article you read and showed the link to, that they are only sold at head shops. NOT Bath and Body Works where this article said he bought her bath salts. Those are two different bath salts. It might be a good idea to really investigate what you are trying to accuse someone of before you say they are sniffing bath salts from Bath and Body Works. I do not think Bath and Body Works would appreciate you accusing them of selling these drugs! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!

      • tab

        do some research and you’ll find that the bath salts are sold in a number of stores and gas stations. i simply linked that article because it talked about this new way for people to get high.
        these stores don’t sell this stuff so people can get high, people misuse the product just like they do with many other common household items and medicines.

        • ROFL!!!! Oh my god, dude. They called them bath salts because they RESEMBLED bath salts, not because they actually ARE bath salts. Get real, man. They don’t sell the bath salts your referring to in places like Bath and Body Works. It would be a store that deals in medications or, now, a guy in a back alley. But it is CLEARLY not the same stuff you put into bathwater to make it smell nice.

    • Starcasm Staff

      That NY times article was written in July, since then bath salts that make you high have been made illegal, and those kind of salts have never been sold at Bath and Body Works.

  • Uggh

    These people are trash, stop reporting on these nobodies.

  • Bob

    His name is “Head” Uhuhuh

  • futuremarinehoney

    Geese, Head is the man’s last name! :/ Semper Fi! Always Faithful!

  • Bri

    They really do “party harder.” I bet this kid drinks a ton. Seems like a winner to me.

  • 0311 Wife

    As a Marine Wife, Im ashamed! On another note, he can smoke weed. Just because he is asked to piss in a bottle he has a 1 in 9 chance of his piss being tested. Now with that being said if he does and is test and pops bye bye USMC hello other than Honerable Discharge! But maybe just MAYBE this will be the one guy to tell her to worry about her child instead of drugs and everything else.

    • Flagrl

      I’m also a marine wife from camp lejeune my husband was 0351 assault man and if ANONE THINKS it’s so cool dating a marine you’re very ignorant & don’t have a clue on how REAL it is for some of us. Some marines don’t do that for publicity. As for them not being able to smoke weed y’all have not the lightest clue about that then. Most don’t really et tested lol don’t assume someone is soooo good for someone bc they’re a marine!

      • Bri

        Yep! I have relatives and friends in the Marines and they have told me that they smoke occasionally. Another thing, heavy alcohol use in the military is common and is on the rise. It is a huge problem.

    • Or he could end up beating the shite out of her at a party and get himself dishonorably discharged as well…..which is what happened. Pot was, apparently, the least of her problems.

  • Honestypolicy

    What’s so great about him being a marine?
    This is a horrible idea for Jenelle. She’s a needy girl who can’t go without attention from a man….he could be stuck on base for quite some time, she’ll go back to Kiefer…or end up married & divored like that other winner.

  • Malynda

    I’m a marine fiance, and this is a joke. She’s so trashy, it’s going to make people think all marine spouses are like this. Not only that but I net this kid is a boot, reservist, or a POG. And I bet every other wife agrees with me…these two are just making the marine corps look bad. Sad, and harsh, but TRUE!

    • sarah

      Malynda, I am really over women like you who think it is okay to describe yourself by your significant other’s occupation. Your fiance is in the marines NOT you. Besides everyone knows most of you “marine girlfriends, marine fiances, marine wives are not but users who cheat on their husbands when they are deployed and marry them only for benefits. get a life.

      • brittany

        I agree alot of women chase after ppl that are in different branches of the military just for the attention… I have a friend that does just that unfortunately for her around the base everyone knows her as a whore cause she’s slept with over half of the single and a few of the taken soldiers its pathetic

        • But the people she cheats with aren’t pathetic? Interesting……

      • TNewman

        I am blown away how some of these women on here have someyhing to say about all marine wives. Ill be the first to admit there are some nasty wh0rish girls who are only with military for the title. But for those of u that think u know it all let me update u. Ill start with not all marine wives r wh0res who screw,around when there husbands deploy some of us still have a family to take care of and children who miss there father. Secondly ill go a head and say all u ignorant people,who think military makes a sh!t ton of money with great benefits that just shows u know close nothin at all about our military. Let alone these men put there lives and families on the line to protect the people who show them no respect at all! Just to know that the lazy people at home on welfare doin nothing have better medical

        • Apparently, they can’t use proper grammar either, if your post is any indication. ROFL!

        • AND delusional too since you decided to go off on some weird political rant about people on welfare. Obviously, you’ve never worked with the poor before or you would not be glamorizing their lifestyle as if its better like that. The idea that the poor forced to go to the emergency room due to lack of healthcare being somehow better care is just ludicrous. You have healthcare, you have benefits, consider yourself one of the lucky ones and quit insulting people that you don’t have any inkling about what their life is like. All you’ve done here is make yourself look like an ignorant, a–hole of an individual.

  • rosa

    She wouldn’t make it as one of us I’m a marine wifey ! He will put her in her place & shell bail or deployment or MOS schooling will put her out to cheat. I’m Srry she is my least fav in the show. Smh judge me on my opinion. Idc she needs to find herself b4 finding another romance.

    • i think it is messed up

      i think it is messed up that u hate her i mean yah she has messed up in the pawt but maybe he will straighten her out. my best friends brothers girlfriend was like jenelle and he was marine and he straigten hyer out he may do the ksame for jenelle dont knock it til you see what happens. i cant wait to see how thos works out for her. so yeah get the heck over it.

  • Chelsea

    His shirt shows that he doesn’t have respect for women.
    Any guy that wears shirts like that are ridiculous.
    My boyfriend would never condone to wearing something like that, he can think the girls are hot but to walk around with them on your shirt? That’s a totally different level.

    Marine or not, this guy looks like a LOSER

  • danielle

    wtf–who would date a guy who wore that shirt?!?!?!!

    jenelle embarasses herself day in-day out. she may never even grow up enough to understand how stupid she looks. That guy looks like a piece of sh*t person with no respect for women- the last guy any girl should be dating. dont understand how she doesnt see that 99.9% of girls would never date that dirtbag and posting pictures of herslef with him everywhere trying to make people jealous is just making people laugh at him using you. he even tweeted about how he likes how she gives him pleasure then leaves him alone or something. USER.

  • anna


    • Kelsey

      Having a crappy mom is one thing, but in the long run it should teach her to be there for her child and not let him have a crappy mom like she did. Now Jace is gonna have to grow up with the same “crappy mom” that Jenelle did. Maybe she should think about her child instead of all of her men.

      • suzy q;

        I agree with u, kelsey ;D.

  • anna


  • luvmygrunt

    Trust me after this article and the news about him dating janelle I’m sure the Marines are all over him, and I’m pretty sure his already been tested from all the acusations, there’s one thing the Marines don’t put up with and is pot heads.

  • Friend of Gary

    Ive deployed with Head to Afghanistan, gone on dismounted patrols with him and worked with him even before deployment. He may seem rather goofy and though that’s true, but he’s a good guy. If this makes him happy then I support him and wish him the best of luck. Stop being so Dam judgemental. You havent met the guy, or been in a combat zone with him keep your options to your self.

  • Nicole

    I hope that they are happy together forever. I hope that they get married in the future. Maybe Gary will adopt Jenelle’s son and raise him as his own.

  • to the general

    I know Gary from the time he entered the unit, when we trained to deploy, to where we made it over seas to afganistain and back. He is a hard dedicated worker, willing to help out anyone. He may be different from you or me or not at all and be just like someone you know. We see people and like to judge them make our assumptions about them, so go ahead make them out to be who ever you want them to be in your head and talk about them but I can say from knowing the guy from a personal level. Here’s my assumption, you are not any greater then He is…

    Marines will always stand proud for we filled the dream and got off are @55! Where are you? Semper Fidelis

  • krystal

    im glad she is with a marine. Being a wife or girlfriend to someone who is in the military is tough. whatever we do reflects back on them and they get in trouble for it. I see this as a way for Jenelle to clean her act up. If she goes on that military installation, she has to follow the rules of the post or she can get banned. they have codes of conduct that we all have to follow.. like it or not.. thats the life of a military girlfriend/spouse

  • Felicia

    I think she is going a better Mom for jace ๐Ÿ˜‰