Where can you get Rachel Zoe’s awesome Bugaboo Missoni stroller?

Rachel Zoe takes son Skyler for a stroll in the awesome Bugaboo Missoni stroller

When you’ve got the fashion rep that stylist and reality star Rachel Zoe has than you better represent when you’re strolling your baby-boy Skyler around Beverly Hills.

Well Zoe is doing just that by providing her little bundle of joy one of the best baby rides you can buy. It’s a special edition Bugaboo stroller that is canopied with vibrant Missoni fabric. How exclusive is it? Well Rachel has been spotted out with this bad little strollin’ rascal even before it was available for purchase. But now if you’ve got the bank to give your little one the Zoe treatment here is how you can LITERALLY get your very own!

The item is on sell through Neiman Marcus and the Bugaboo stroller plus Missoni accessory set combo will run you $1,149 plus shipping if you order online. Here’s the specs for the baby carriage that costs more than my first car did:
Details of Rachel Zoe's baby stroller via Neiman Marcus

To further emphasize what a fashion accessory this is I submit to you the following high budget artsy advertisement made specifically for this “roll” out:

Skyler, you da little man and I’ve got to give props to Rachel Z, the stroller looks awesome and so does she after having a baby BTW! Here’s one more photo of a lovely looking Rachel holding her little Skyler and of course that Bugaboo Missoni stroller:

Rachel Zoe holds little Skyler next to her Bugaboo Missoni stroller

Photos: Beiny/Slater/WENN.com

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