TEEN MOM Lexi Tatman update: She and Kyler FINALLY get their own place!

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Kyler Lopez and Lexi Tatman update

Former Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Lexi Tatman has been AWOL from social media for the past few weeks. The almost-22-year-old mother of two returned to Instagram on Thursday and revealed why she hasn’t been posting much online recently: she and fiancé Kyler FINALLY moved out of her parents’ house!

“We’ve been MIA for a little bit,” Lexi says in the beginning of an Instagram live video, in which she can be seen sitting next to Kyler. (Embedded below.) “I’ve been trying to make this video for about eight weeks now I want to say.”

Lexi previously asked her followers what they thought the reason was for her being so busy, and she talked about their responses. “First things first: No, I’m not pregnant. And the amount of people that suggested that is very interesting.”

Lexi laughs a bit before revealing that she is actually in the process of getting rid of some of her baby stuff, which suggests that she and Kyler aren’t planning for another child any time soon.

Another theory about what was keeping Lexi so busy was that she planned to open up her own nail salon. (Starcasm readers will recall that Lexi received her nail tech license back in July of 2020.) “I am still doing nails at the salon that I’m at. I’m not opening up my own salon, especially any time soon since I’m my own boss.” Lexi adds that she’s currently only working part time, so she wouldn’t have the time to open her own salon regardless.

Lexi then makes the big reveal.
“What happened is that we finally were able to move and rent a place of our own…We finally got to move out of my mom’s house, and we were finally able to find a place that was affordable enough for us to be able to move out on our own. So that’s what’s been happening. We’ve been so busy with the yard sale and moving.”

Lexi says their new place is “currently a mess,” but she refrains from giving viewers a tour. She says that her landlord isn’t aware that she and Kyler were on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, and she feels a little uncomfortable sharing a video of the property.

So, when did Lexi and Kyler make the move? “We’ve been here for almost a month now,” she says, before adding that she will be making a more detailed post soon.

Here is Lexi’s full video announcing the move, and also sharing some details on what kind of shampoo she uses:

Congratulations to Lexi and Kyler! It is obviously a VERY tough time right now for a young family just starting out to be able to afford a place of their own, and I’m thrilled that Lexi and Kyler were finally able to make that happen. Perhaps we will be getting some wedding news soon?

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