The Office ending after Season 9

The Office cast banner image with Ryan Pam Mike Scott Jim Andy and Dwight

The end is coming! (That’s what she said.)

The Office executive producer Greg Daniels announced on a conference call earlier today that the award-winning sitcom would be ending its run after nine seasons, with the final episode coming in May of 2013.

Though the announcement is sure to sadden fans of the show (like myself) there is a small silver lining in the fact that Daniels is retaking the reigns after leaving the show before Season 6 (and before the Sabre merger and the beginning of the end of the show imho) and there are lots of exciting things planned for the final hoo-rah.

“All questions will be answered this year,” Daniels said. “We’re going to see who is behind the documentary. [It’s a] big Jim and Pam year… [fans] will pleased and excited by what we have planned for them this year.”

“This year feels like the last chance to… make an artistic ending for the show,” Daniels continued. “We’re planning a big, exciting last season.”

The Office cast photo with Ryan Pam Jim Dwight and Mike Scott

He also hints at some familiar faces coming back, though no specific names were mentioned. (Either Mike Scott is coming back or he isn’t – that’s all that matters really.) “There’s so much to pay off after nine seasons,” Daniels said. “My biggest concern is just packing in all these great ideas the writing staff has and make sure we squeeze as many as we can into the ending.”

Joining the potential returning cast members will be new cast members played by actors Jake Lacy and Clark Duke who were “both hired to handle the enormous number of customer service complaints that Kelly [Mindy Kaling] neglected over the years. They are pals and in their mid 20s.”

And speaking of Mindy Kaling (Kelly Kapoor), she has moved on to her own show (not a spin-off of The Office) titled The Mindy Project, which is set to premiere on Fox on September 29.

Although Mindy’s show isn’t a spin-off project, actor Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute) is rumored to be getting an actual spin-off titled The Farm, a rumor that seems to be backed up by the fact that this season of The Office will include an episode featuring Dwight’s sister Fannnie (played by Majandra Delfino) and nephew Cameron (played by Blake Garrett) that is being regarded as a back-door pilot for Dwight’s new show.

I’m deeply saddened by the news taht one of my favorite (and I think Top 10) sitcoms of all time is coming to a close, but much like Old Yeller I think we all know it’s time to take Dunder Mifflin out back and do what needs doin’.