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MOVIES: What were the monsters in A Quiet Place?

A Quiet Place has been a major horror hit in 2018 both with audiences and critics. It takes place on an Earth that has been decimated by terrifying creatures who can’t see but may leap out at you at astonishing speeds if they hear you make a sound. Of course, there are some liberties taken with this theory since human breathing and bodily sounds can make noises you can’t control. Still, this concept is enthralling and keeps the viewer on edge throughout the film. What are these monsters and where did they come from?

PHOTO Rainn Wilson posts sign-in sheet for 1st day of The Office auditions in 2003

In honor of The Office‘s final season, Rainn Wilson, who plays the infamous beet-loving, farm-owning Assistant to the Regional Manager, Dwight Shrute, posted a picture of the original actor sign-in sheet from the first day of auditions for the show from November 6, 2003 on Facebook yesterday. Check out the talented actors who auditioned for the leading roles of Dwight, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly and Michael Scott!

The Office ending after Season 9

The end is coming! (That’s what she said.)

The Office executive producer Greg Daniels announced on a conference call earlier today that the award-winning sitcom would be ending its run after nine seasons, with the final episode coming in May of 2013. Keep reading for all the details, including some of the surprises fans can expect in the show’s last season.

PHOTOS ‘The Office’ 2010 Halloween “Costume Contest”

Gabe and Ryan from the Office as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber

If I were to compile a list of the top three things from celbridom that I look forward to at Halloween, sandwiched between Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum would be the “cast”umes of The Office!

Thanks to we get to have a little sneak peek at what some of the characters will be dressed as in Thursday’s episode titled “Costume Contest.” Keep reading to see all the hilarious photos and vote for your favorite in the poll!