What to expect in Teen Mom Season 3: Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell

Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell Teen Mom Season 3 preview with spoilers

As the good folks of the US of A celebrate their independence with cookouts and fireworks all the Teen Mom fans know that the real party doesn’t get started, and the real fireworks don’t begin until July 5 at 10/9c when the ultimate drama mamas Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood return for their third season on MTV!

To catch everyone up on what they missed over the last eight months or so I’ve put together two of these posts letting you know some of the things that have occurred in the lives of these four girls that may (or may not) play a part in their story lines for season three. In Part One I talked about Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout’s plastic surgeries, paternity issues, court battles, potential engagements and more, and now I move on to the other two girls: Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood.

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra in Los Angeles


Of the four girls Catelynn has done the best job of staying off the front covers of the tabloids and the front pages of gossip blogs. As a matter of fact, I can’t really recall off the top of my head a single controversial headline spawned by Catelynn since Season 2 wrapped up!

That being said, there is still plenty of stuff to talk about with our favorite young reality couple! Catelynn and baby daddy Tyler Baltierra (who decided to give their daughter Carly up for adoption) are still together. But, Catelynn mentioned in an appearance on Dr. Drew that she and Tyler had more relationship issues and were even on another sort of “break” before eventually getting back together. There was no mention of specifics (such as Catelynn’s ex down in Florida from last season. Remember the phone records drama?)

Though marriage does still appear to be in the future for Catelynn and Tyler, all indications are that the wedding won’t take place until both get out of college – so don’t go into this season thinking it will end with wedding bells for Mr. and Mrs. Baltierra. (Part of their storyline does revolve around their decision to move in together.) And speaking of college, there is some good news on the educational front: Both Tyler and Catelynn graduated high school!

Catelynn and Tyler graduate! Click for larger photo and details!Tyler has been taking college courses while finishing up high school and plans to attend Baker College in his home state of Michigan to pursue a career in child psychology. Catelynn intends to join him at Baker where she looks to get her degree in education and teach grade school. Their graduations were fairly recent so walking across the stage to get their diplomas might be how MTV ends their story this season.

If you watched Catelynn and Tyler’s preview commercial for Season 3 then you know one of the major story lines for them (as it has been since we were introduced to them on 16 and Pregnant) is trying to get out of their rather unpleasant living conditions. In the trailer it appears as though someone tried to break in where they were living motivating them to look for a place together and all indications are that Catelynn and Tyler have indeed gotten a place together and are currently getting their cohabitation on!

Though not a huge drama point, Tyler got a rather gigantic tattoo on his back so we might be seeing both him and Amber Portwood spending time at the tattoo parlor! Oh, and it seems Tyler and Catelynn have picked up the bad habit of smoking since we last saw them. I doubt that will be a major part of the show either, I was just giving you a heads up 🙂

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell tweets a photo from New York City

I’m sure we will get another visit with Carly’s adopted parents Brandon and Theresa (Catelynn talks about seeing Carly in her Us magazine interview alongside Farrah and Maci) and there is always the drama of her mom April and Tyler’s dad Butch, who continues his trend of going into and getting out of jail and rehab – so I don’t think we need to worry about C&T holding up their end of the drama bargain! (And as far as April goes, Catelynn says they are doing much better and are working towards getting “back to becoming BFFs.”)

UPDATE – A video interview Catelynn did with MTV Act was released today (July 5) and in it she talks about birth control, Carly, Tyler and What to expect in Teen Mom Season 3! As you would expect she’s a bit vague, but what she does say seems to line up with what I wrote above.

**** Catelynn sometimes gets chastised by fans because she is on the show and she isn’t taking care of a child, but I for one think she’s a fantastic component to the diversity of the cast. Not only do we get to see how opting for adoption plays out in young people’s lives over time, but we also get to watch this sweet couple struggle with rising above their rather unfortunate surroundings in hopes of getting to a place where keeping a child would be an option. Remember, these are four girls who were all in the same situation just a couple years ago (16 or thereabouts and pregnant) and MTV is merely documenting their lives after finding out they were expecting – Catelynn does not need to be punished any further for making a very tough (and I think most everyone would agree a very wise and selfless) decision. I am absolutely 100% just as interested in how Catelynn and Tyler’s story turns out as either of the other three girls.

Teen Mom Amber Portwood with some rather eccentric makeup


Where do I even start with Amber? She is without a doubt the headline grabbing queen of the cast, and I absolutely do not mean that in a good way. Aside from perhaps a text update at the end I can’t imagine MTV will try to tackle Amber’s recent failed suicide attempt – but they’ve got a lot of time between now and the finale to tinker so who knows?

Let me apologize right now. I seriously thought when I started this post that I was going to type up a summary of all the relevant things that have happened to Amber over the last eight months just like the other three, but I’m scrolling through the headlines right now and I have to confess that this Teen Mom super blogger simply is not up to the task – not just because it is so daunting, but also because I don’t think I could finish before the premiere more than 24 hours from now. So, what I decided to do was list the pertinent headlines to the pertinent articles with links and, if necessary, a brief explanation. Once again, I’m sorry if I let our Teen Mom readers down – but I am only human!

So, here goes…

Sep. 30 Anderson, Indiana police are investigating Teen Mom domestic violence incident (Amber’s violent attacks on baby daddy Gary Shirley featured on Teen Mom forced the hand of Anderson, Indiana police who launched their investigation into whether or not Amber should be charged for assault. The investigation would continue through June when she pleaded guilty to two felony counts. This will probably be THE main story line for Amber this season, in addition to her new boyfriend Clinton Yunker.)

Oct. 1 Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley still together! (The couple along with Leah was photographed at a waterpark together just after the episode featuring their violent break up was aired. Big news at the time!)

Oct. 6 VIDEO Teen Mom Amber issues apology to Gary for her attack

Oct. 23 Cops called after another physical fight for Teen Mom’s Amber and Gary

Nov. 2 Teen Mom’s Gary Shirley caught clubbing with a new girlfriend?

Nov. 15 Teen Mom Amber Portwood addresses multiple boyfriends rumor (A tabloid was reporting Amber was seeing three different guys at the same time)

Nov. 18 Teen Mom Amber Portwood charged with two felonies, faces up to three years in prison

Nov. 19 Cousin Krystal claims Teen Mom’s Gary Shirley physically abused Amber Portwood

Nov. 21 PHOTOS Teen Mom Amber Portwood’s new boyfriend Clinton Yunker (We should be seeing a lot of Clinton this season – he and Amber dated for quite a while during filming.

Teen Mom Amber Portwood moves out of her old apartment with the help of some friends

^ Nov. 21 PHOTOS Teen Mom Amber Portwood moves out of her apartment, MTV films away (Above photo: SPLASHNEWS.com)

Nov. 24 Teen Mom’s Amber loses baby Leah to the state

Nov. 27 PHOTOS Teen Mom Amber Portwood visits Pyschiatric clinic in Anderson

Nov. 30 Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood regains custody of daughter Leah

Click to see a larger photo of Amber Portwood's Leah tattoo> Dec. 1 PHOTOS Teen Mom Amber Portwood gets a tattoo of Leah

Dec. 10 PHOTOS Amber Portwood, Leah and Clinton Yunker decorate for Christmas

Dec. 14 Teen Mom Amber Portwood pregnant again?!? (There were numerous tabloid reports that Amer was pregnant again – they seemed to spring up every month or so.)

Dec. 15 PHOTOS Amber Portwood’s boyfriend Clinton Yunker’s mug shots and baby mama Tara

Dec. 18 Teen Mom Amber Portwood says she’s not pregnant in a statement

Dec. 27 Teen Mom Amber Portwood is in prison: State of Indiana vs. Amber Portwood!

Click to see Teen Mom Amber Portwood's mug shot photos

^ Dec. 28 Teen Mom Amber Portwood mug shot photos

Dec. 28 State of Indiana vs. Amber Portwood update: No-Contact order issued (Prevented Amber from having contact with Leah)

Dec. 29 State of Indiana vs. Amber Portwood update: Leah returned to ‘Teen Mom’

Dec. 30 AUDIO Gary Shirley tries to cover up another Amber attack in phone call with girlfriend Ashley

Jan. 1 Amber Portwood made $280,000 from MTV’s Teen Mom last year (Revealed in court documents)

Jan. 3 Teen Mom Amber Portwood reportedly offered $500,000 to star in adult film

Jan 27 Gary Shirley’s new girlfriend Autumn Jones is a mother stand-in for baby Leah

Feb 10 Teen Mom Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley’s no-contact order lifted

Click for morephotos and info on Amber Portwood's boyfriend Adam Dockery

^ Feb 17 PHOTOS Amber Portwood’s new boyfriend Adam Dockery

Feb. 18 Monthly “Teen Mom Amber Portwood Pregnant Again!” post (This time it was short-lived boyfriend Adam Dockery who reportedly got Amber pregnant again)

Feb. 22 VIDEO Amber Portwood groped by Gary Shirley as they sing along to ’80s songs

Feb. 24 Teen Mom Amber Portwood naked photo (This was such a big deal that we might actually see the fallout on the show.)

Feb. 25 Teen Mom Amber Portwood devastated over leaked nude photos

Feb. 27 PHOTOS of Amber Portwood and new boyfriend Adam Dockery together

Teen Mom Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley shop for promise rings - click for more photos

^ Feb. 27 PHOTOS Teen Mom Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood shopping for promise rings (Photo: Jackson Lee / Brian Prahl / Splash News)

May 3 PHOTOS Meet the players in the Amber Portwood vandalism scandal (Amber’s car was vandalized pretty badly – sounds like a good plot element to me!)

May 6 Amber Portwood headed to trial for Gary Shirley beating

May 11 TEEN MOM Gary Shirley awarded primary custody of daughter Leah from Amber Portwood

Click for larger Gary Shirley mug shot photos> May 25 MUG SHOTS Gary Shirley arrested following confrontation with Amber Portwood (A policeman reportedly saw Gary and Amber fighting and when he intervened he discovered Gary had a suspended license. Mug Shots ensued…)

June 6 VIDEO Teen Mom Season 3 commercial with Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley (30-second spot focusing on just Amber , Gary and Leah.)

June 9 Teen Mom Amber Portwood pleads guilty, two-year prison sentence is suspended in deal

June 14 Amber Portwood: Season 3 of Teen Mom will explain Gary Shirley beat down

June 14 Teen Mom Amber Portwood rushed to hospital after reported suicide attempt

June 14 Teen Mom Amber Portwood tweeted about Gary Shirley’s infidelity before alleged suicide attempt

June 15 Amber Portwood’s family blames Gary Shirley for hospitilization

June 15 AUDIO listen to Gary Shirley’s 911 call about Amber Portwood’s suicide threat

June 17 Email address set up to send messages of support to Amber Portwood after suicide attempt

June 22 Teen Mom Amber Portwood to check herself into rehab for anger and depression issues

June 28 Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood is in rehab, doing well

I’m beginning to realize Amber Portwood needs her own show! That list was four season’s worth of drama!!!

Want to offer up your thoughts on the upcoming season or comment on what has already happened (if you’re reading this after July 5) then hop on over to our brand new forum and help us get the momentum started!