Bankrupt Sonja Morgan on the brink of losing her house

Sonja Morgan daughter Quincy

Real Housewives of New York Sonja Morgan is suffering from some a severe case of “rich people problems,” and might have sell her $6 million Manhattan townhouse because of bankruptcy and divorce from 80-year-old John Adams Morgan, a JP Morgan heir.

Last fall 47-year-old Sonja had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection because she was $19 million in debt, and only had $12 million of assets. Part of the debt came from a $7 million judgment to Hannibal Pictures over a failed movie project, and Sonja has said the rest of the debt came from properties her ex-husband bought. In papers recently filed, Sonja complains that John Adams Morgan has failed to pay her a lump sump divorce settlement of $3 million, and owes her $300,000 in back alimony.

She says this lack of payment may force her to sell the $6 million house she once shared with her ex-husband, and now lives in with their daughter Quincy, pictured above (father John Adams Morgan is also a descendent of John Quincy Adams.) In the papers she notes that her ex husband lives on a $19 million private island off of Stamford, Connecticut, and won’t allow her to visit the properties so co-owns with him in Colorado and France.

Sonja separated from her husband in 2006, and claims that they had a marriage born out of love, but hasn’t publicly explained the main driver behind the split. About her financial difficulties, Sonja explains “I’m sure the world thinks, ‘Sonja doesn’t have to worry, she’s got that husband there for her.’ But I’m on my own.”

Most people would love to have a $6 million house to sell so they could pay cash for a comfortable $200,000 house and live in security for the rest of their lives. Adversity is relative.

PHOTO: Joseph Marzullo/