VIDEO We all missed the World Cup Streaker on TV, but LeBron James got him on film

 2014 FIFA World Cup Final

Remember the 2014 World Cup? Full of goals, concussions, social unrest, and more anus tearing than you could shake a stick at, the Brazilian version of the tournament was a good time for all.

It was in that spirit that one eager young man decided to try and immortalize himself during yesterday’s final.

2014 FIFA World Cup Final

This overexcited fellow somehow slipped past security faster than a Mario Göetze kick, and found his way onto the field. He stripped off his shirt and began gallivanting about, capturing the crowd’s attention during a dull moment in what had become a lethargic second half.

Before the rest of the world could share in his glory, though, a savvy ABC program director cut to a shot of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue framed against the setting sun.

So, what’s a streaker-ready home audience to do? Why, turn to newly-acquired Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James, of course:

James flew to Brazil to watch the final after announcing his decision to return to Cleveland. And he had a perfect view of the nearly-naked hipster doing his joy-run into the Brazilian night.

Unfortunately, the “Natural Born Prankster” slipped on the pitch and was snapped up by security before he could give us the Full Monty.

Germany went on to defeat the Argentine squad 1-0 in extra time.

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