Chris Brown denies being back with Rihanna, shouldn’t that be the other way around?

Rihanna and Chris Brown file photo WENN

The rumor mill has been churning out some serious RiRi and Breezy reunited and it feels so good rumors lately but Chris has put all that to an end with an official green lizard announcement. Hey. Wait a minute. Shouldn’t it be Rihanna informing the world that Brown ain’t been under her umbrella?

Anywho, on Sunday night both singing superstars were spotted out at the same West Hollywood nightclub and when that type of event occurs speculation nation is sure to follow. Folks who were actually on hand at the Greystone Manor were tweeting that the two were not chillaxin’ together and that the appearance was a coincidence but this didn’t stop some peeps and publications from wondering if they indeed were rekindling some sort of romance.

Well Breezy’s rep put out that fire quick like today by stating that the singer was with his actual girlfriend last night, an aspiring model named Karrueche Tran, not with Rihanna. How did I know they were gonna say “aspiring model?” Makes me think of this song.

The rep adds, Chris and RiRi are just friends.

RiRi made no official comment about all this but I think her recent twit-pics speak for themselves and are the only real representation she requires:


Top Photo: WENN