WATER POLO: You’re doing it wrong

July 13, 2010 - 06170737 date 13 07 2010 Copyright imago Frank Worry 13 07 2010 Hamburg Hanseatic city Hamburg DEU Germany Caland with Joseph Bartos wins the Beck s Seejagdrennen jpg Equestrian sports riding Horse race Gallop Derby week Hunting race Seejagdrennen Hamburg Action shot Vdig 2010 horizontal premiumd.

Riders in Hamburg seemed to be taking the sport of water polo a little too literally, but actually they were competing in the ‘Seejagdrennen’ race at the Gallop Derby in Hamburg, Germany earlier today. Established in 1869, this is the 141st German Gallop Derby and it runs from July 10 until July 18, 2010. (Photo: Frank Worry)

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