Is Kristin Cavallari really a drug addict?

At this point everyone knows that MTV’s The Hills is fake, but on the day of it’s series finale star Kristin Cavallari felt it was time to reemphasize that point during an interview with The Block radio show with Tim and Cassie. (via

Namely, because on the show she is portrayed as a drug addict, and she wanted everyone to know that she was “absolutely down to do whatever they needed,” but “it really started to affect my personal life.”

Since last season The Hills has been struggling with ratings, even with Heidi and Spencer’s ridiculous antics, so going into the last season tabloids exploded with suspicious rumors that Cavallari had addictions to nose candy and booze. When the show aired her “friends” expressed concern over excessive sunglasses wearing and wild partying over Super Bowl weekend.

Cavallari told the radio show that she allowed MTV to overemphasis her partying and blow it into a bigger problem than it was to boost ratings. Even though her point is that the show is full of completely manufactured story-lines that might have damaged her reputation and personal life, she also stated that she didn’t want to give away too many secrets because she now wants to be a reality show producer herself and is currently working on a couple of shows. So apparently Cavallari isn’t really a drug addict, she just didn’t mind pretending to be one for a while.

Here’s a preview clip of tonight’s show with and interview with Kristin, Audrina, and Stephanie:

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