Jenelle Evans “Haters Gonna Hate” animated gif

Jenelle Evans returns froma trip to McDonald's in sweat pants and slippers

This goes out to Jenelle Evans, the belligerent 19-year-old Teen Mom 2 star with an uncanny knack for riling feathers and eliciting anger with her reckless actions and reluctance to accept the responsibilities that go along with being a single mom. Seeing those photos of her walking back from McDonald’s elicited a small amount of sympathy in this blogger’s heart so I thought I might take a moment this Sunday to empathize with her rebellious spirit.

This is the masterpiece I came up with…

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Haters Gonna Hate animated gif

Come tomorrow I will get right back to reporting on whatever the latest ridiculous dramatic mess Jenelle has talked or walked her way into.

Top photo:

Ed. note: The above image is a play on the “Haters gonna hate” meme below, NOT a riff on Jenelle’s weight. We DO NOT think Jenelle is fat. She is a thin girl.