Kim Kardashian launches new perfume EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK!

New Kim Kardashian perfume Bunforgettable

Badonkalicious reality star Kim Kardashian has signed a deal to release her own fragrance. Working with “Power by 50 Cent” creators Lighthouse Beauty (Shouldn’t that be Lighthouse Booty?), the plans are to have the perfume on shelves sometime in 2010.

The chief executive of Brand Asset Group (Heh heh, “asset”) Chris Lighty tells Women’s Wear Daily, “Having worked with some of the top talent in the entertainment industry, I have a unique perspective on capturing the essence of a celebrity in a product. We worked closely with top perfumers to infuse Kim’s larger-than-life personality into a fragrance that will really speak to her fans.” Judging from the perfume bottle, they’ve infused another larger-than-life “asset” of Kim’s.

Despite what the beautifully crafted ad above might suggest, there is no name for the fragrance yet. I think Bunforgettable is great, but if they need another suggestion I offer “Junkinthetrunkkar Noir.”

(If none of this makes any sense to you then you have
never seen Kim Kardashian’s glorious maximus.)

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