PHOTOS What Sandra Bullock can do to win back Jesse James

Sandra Bullock crying

In case you haven’t heard, Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James has reportedly been cheating on her with heavily tattooed model and stripper Michelle Bombshell McGee. The colorful mistress told In Touch Weekly that she and James were meeting up for sex at least twice a week for a five week period during which Sandra Bullock was filming Blind Side in Atlanta.

Sandra reportedly moved out of the couple’s Long Beach home on Monday and things aren’t looking good for the once happy couple.

As is often the case, starcasm is here to help! We think we’ve come up with the perfect solution for both parties and though it would be quite painful for Sandra, we think it would be less so than a break up. Here’s our suggestion:

Screen shot 2012-12-23 at 6.34.51 AM

(Before you leave your angry comment calling me a sexist and all that, please know that of course I realize it’s not Sandra’s job to win Jesse James back. If anything she should make the above tattooed transformation and NOT go back to Jesse just out of spite!)

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