CONFIRMED New Love & Hip Hop city to start filming this year

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It’s official: there will be a new Love & Hip Hop city coming to screens very soon! Series creator Mona Scott-Young gave a brand-new interview to Essence Livethis weekend, and was asked straight-up if the recent Love & Hip Hop New Orleans rumors were true. While Scott-Young couldn’t say if the show she’s currently shooting in NOLA will be added to the Love & Hip Hop franchise, she did talk about shooting in a brand new Love & Hip Hop city!

It was just a couple of weeks ago that New Orleans was reported to be the new Love & Hip Hop city–and those reports were followed, just days later, by follow-ups which claimed that Love & Hip Hop Houston and Love & Hip Hop Miami were both shooting at the same time, and that whichever show finished first would debut in late summer 2016.

While she didn’t reveal the exact new Love & Hip Hop city we should expect to see, Mona Scott-Young did confirm two things: one, that she is filming something in New Orleans; and two, that an undisclosed other city will serve as the setting for at least one new LHH franchise, to debut very soon.

Here’s the full clip (hat tip to Fameolous for first breaking the story):

“I will say,” said Scott-Young, “that I am looking at another city. My partners and I–and the network–are looking at another city. Shout out to New Orleans, because I love New Orleans passionately!

“I have been looking at New Orleans,” she went on, “for a show. It’s not Love & Hip Hop; at least, not at this stage. But I do want to do something there. But there will be another city, I can confirm that. But you’ll have to tune in,” she added, smiling, “and wait, like the rest of the free world.”

So, there will definitely be one new Love & Hip Hop city this year–and it’s possible that the show Scott-Young is filming in New Orleans could turn into another! We already know that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will return on March 28th, following the two-part reunion special for Love & Hip Hop New York Season 6. It’s currently believed that Love & Hip Hop Hollywood will return this summer, after LHHATL‘s season concludes; it’s possible, then, that we could see a new Love & Hip Hop city as soon as this fall.


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(Photo credits: New Love & Hip Hop city via Twitter)

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