Kat Von D gets Jesse James school boy rainbow tattoo

Jesse James Kat Von D

There is your classic case of d’oh, and then there is the “before you break-up getting a tattoo of a notorious cheater as a surprise that appears on your own show’s sneak peek video” d’oh. Sadly for Kat Von D she falls squarely in the latter.

If you missed the news, self-defined “Outlaw” Jesse James and Kat Von D have not only called off their engagement but have ended their relationship. Radar has run a story with their sources saying that the split was ignited by, hold your breath, alleged cheating at the woman grabbin’ hands of James. While this could or could not be accurate, James had to know that with his Sandra Bullock cheating past that these types of stories were going to be coming fast and furious.

As for the tattoo, well in the following clip you see a giddy Kat surprising a typically nonplussed James with a tattoo of him based on a photo of him as a youngster underneath her left armpit:

Jesse points out that the photo is a school picture from 5th grade and guesses that he was 10 or 11-years-old. He seems to like it, but then again it’s hard to tell. It will be strange for Kat I’m sure considering that the two have split. Even worse, when she sweats and it rolls down past the fresh-faced younger version of James it will appear as if he’s crying onto a rainbow. Isn’t that the saddest thing you’ve ever heard of in your life!?!

Here is the rainbow tattoo of Jesse from 5th grade:

Kat Von D tattoo of Jesse James 5th grade
Jesse James 5th grade rainbow tattoo under the left armpit of Kat Von D.

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