VIDEOS Teen Mom 2 S2 E9 After Show and bonus footage break down: Chelsea’s horrible case of Adamitis

It’s time once again for our weekly dose of Teen Mom 2 hangover medicine in the form of our After Show and bonus footage break down.

On this week’s menu we’ve got more of Chelsea’s horrible case of Adamitis, Jenelle’s stand against alcohol and her roommate’s partying, Leah’s explanation as to why she felt her and Corey’s home wasn’t safe and Kailyn’s frustration at her single friends not understanding where she comes from.


Jenelle actually starts off with some positive Bahhhbra vibes! She gets why her mom asks for child support help for Jace because when she got it previously Barbara always used it in the right way. Jenelle then moves on to acknowledge the fact that she was aware of her increasing anger and depression. Now on to the big throw down from last night…

Evans says that things were fine when her and Tori first moved out together but that people started partying all the time at her home. This would keep her up all hours of the night and then she’d get up early and clean up the messes that were made. She adds that she’s against alcohol and was sick of all the beer cans and wonders why she should give them any respect when they all belly ache whenever she has Kieffer over.


So guess what Chelsea talks about? That’s right, Adam! Once again let’s get a little theme music for her terrible case of Adamitis (when you go to the Bryan Adams ya’ know it’s getting rough):

Like she’s revealed in previous After Shows, Adam’s attitude towards her makes her doubt her own self and wrecks her self confidence. Instead of wondering what might be wrong with him she wonders what’s wrong with her. Vicious cycle etc…

Sadly Chelsea explains that she’s been told mean things about her so many times by Adam that she believes they’re true. Then it gets even sadder… Pak asks her if she’s envisioned herself with someone else in the future and she replies that she can only see herself with Adam or with no one at all.


So what led to Leah getting fed up with Corey? She explains that she was putting in all the work with Ali and the appointments. She says, “For God’s sake. If I were to ask him to do one thing in the morning it was like the end of the world.” She cites a specific example of asking him to take the girls to his dad’s house because she was running late for work and Corey wanted to sleep in. She adds that his dad only lived approximately 10 minutes away and the whole thing turned into a big fight. Bottom line, Leah just wanted to feel like there was some sort of compromise from Corey in regards to the help she needed.

Leah was surprised by Corey’s change of heart as far as their plans to buy land and put a house on it. As for Corey wanting that new truck Leah explains that the one he had was fine. She emphasizes that she didn’t want it to seem like my way or the highway when she stood her ground and stated that she was leaving because the girls needed a better home. Leah says that when it comes to her husband or her kids that the kids will always come first. She references open sockets as an example of how dangerous their living condition was at the time.


When asked if she was surprised that Joe fought child support, Kailyn answers, “Yes and no.” She’s then asked about Joe telling her she should try harder to make more money and she acknowledges that she might have been able to get a better paying job but wonders why that falls on her when she’s already got Isaac 5 days a week and is attending school.

Host Pak asks Kailyn if she thinks that her friends without children take their freedoms for granted and the answer is a resounding yes. She says, “They [her friends] don’t really understand where I’m coming from either and it aggravates me to no end.” Leah throws in with a great observation when she adds that they took their freedoms for granted before their pregnancies too.

This week’s bonus footage features a super cute Aubree Skye and momma Chelsea at a consignment store. While doing a little bargain hunting Chelsea confesses to her obsession other than the Lindmeister, leopard print!

Cuts like a knife y’all but it feels so right! See you next week.