VIDEOS Teen Mom 2 previews for Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer, Kail Lowry and Jenelle Evans

Chelsea Houska Cinderella wedding

Here are the new preview clips for Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 8 titled “Didn’t Mean It” in which Isaac continues to struggle with Javi’s deployment, Nathan and Uncle Dave do some ex texting, Leah and Corey get weary of their court battles, and Chelsea continues to plan for her wedding.

We will kick things off on a positive note as Chelsearella and her Prince Charming continue their fairy tail happily ever after by shopping for a venue for their upcoming wedding:

Chelsea tours a wedding venue.

“We’re HERE!!” exclaims Cole, which is followed by the Chelsea gal pal chorus yelling “Woo hoo!!” Cole, Chelsea, and her friends are then taken on a tour of the grounds of Black Hills Receptions, which features multiple gazebos (including a Cinderella gazebo) as well as a courtyard, a reception tent area, and another fairy tailish “tiered redwood deck surrounded by natural moss covered rocks, wildflowers, and long grasses” called Swan Point.

Despite the obviously frigid temperatures, Chelsea is grinning from ear to ear throughout the tour. That’s all the “recap” that this clip needs — it’s all about a feeling, and that feeling is joy. 🙂

“Isaac struggles with Javi’s deployment”

Kail’s clip starts off pretty joyful as well as mom, Isaac, and Lincoln prepare for a bedtime story. Isaac hides under the covers as his little brother Lincoln is his always adorable self asking mom: “Where’s Zaza?”

Kail plays along and announces, “I guess we’re going to read the book without him,” just before Isaac pops out from under the covers.

The book Kail is reading is titled Countdown ‘Til Daddy Comes Home, which of course changes Isaac’s mood almost instantly.

He interrupts Kail: “Mom? I miss daddy.”

“I know you do,” says Kail.

“Waiting for daddy here is hard,” he says.

“It is hard,” mom affirms. “You know why daddy went away?” Isaac shakes his head. “He went away to go to work for a little while,” Kail explains. “And he’ll be back when he’s done working. Are you worried if he’ll be safe?” she asks.

“Mmm hmm,” Isaac nods.

“Yeah? But he’s safe over there where he’s at. He’s in a safe place.”

“But sometimes alligators are there,” Isaac points out.

“No,” says Kail, “I don’t think there’s any alligators where he is. No, I don’t think we have to worry about alligators.”

At this point, Lincoln decides to literally choke his older brother with love and positivity — and the brotherly love does way more to lift Isaac’s spirits than mom’s alligator assurances.

Here’s a bonus clip in which Kail talks about her long-distance relationship with Javi while he is deployed:

“Leah and Corey are fed up with court”

During yet another parking lot child exchange, Corey and Leah talk about a court appearance earlier in the day before they both open up discussing how tiring the legal process has been.

“I think it should have been done, like, five or six court sessions ago,” says Corey. “I mean, 40 hours in a court room is ridiculous.”

“That’s part of, I don’t know, growing up and miscommunication,” says Leah, “I feel like we have a lot of miscommunication.”

“Our main issue is that we disagree on a lot of different stuff,” Corey points out, “and we are hell bent on what we believe in on certain things.”

“That’s why we didn’t go good together, you know what I’m saying?” Leah says. “So you parent them on your time, and then I parent them on my time, and if there’s an issue, we come to each other.”

“That’s what I plan on doing,” Corey affirms. “If there’s an issue in the future, hopefully — I’m tired of going to court!”

Leah concurs. “I’m tired. I just feel like something was released. I feel, like, relieved.”

“Well, I never wanted you to not be their mom.”

Corey Simms quote I never wanted you to not be their mom

That statement seems to hit Leah pretty hard and she pauses. “This is a step up — all of us taking…a step forward, doing what’s best for them from here on out — where we all work together.”

“Yeah, that’s what we need to do,” says Corey, “work together — as a team.”

“Nathan and David exchange texts”

Jenelle brings David in to update him on her legal issues with her ex, Nathan Griffith. “I talked to my lawyer. She said, ‘Don’t worry about anything right now. I’ve got it under control.'” David says “Yeah” and Jenelle asks him, “Has Nathan texted you at all lately?”

“He did text me,” David reveals, “and said, ‘When can I see my son?'”

“Right now,” Jenelle responds, “Right now I want you to text him and be, like, ‘Hey, I just saw all this, and we were just discussing about you seeing Kaiser. Have you got his necessities for him yet?’ So it doesn’t look like when we go to court that we’re ignoring him.” David’s thumbs are shown texting away. “Oh,” says Jenelle, “and say ‘We need to know the location of where he would be staying.’ Send it.”

David appears to send the text. “You know,” Jenelle continues, “I’m not one to hold Kaiser from him. So, I mean, if he texts back and says, you know, ‘send pictures’ or whatever, I’ll be, like, ‘OK. Cool.'”

“Were you expecting Jessica to drop the charge after we let Nathan see Kaiser?” David asks.

“I mean, at this point, it doesn’t really matter,” says Jenelle. “If she wants to fight against me, I have a good enough lawyer to fight back.” [SPOILER ALERT – Jenelle was right. Jessica didn’t drop the charges and the case went to trial in front of a jury that found Jenelle not guilty of assault.]

David then gets a text from Nathan. “Oh, he says: ‘I have them and I’ll [send] you a picture of the stuff I have.'”

The message seems to press Jenelle’s button as she abandons her inside voice and MTV breaks out the “BLEEP” button. “What the F**K are you talking about?! Go buy s**t at Walmart, take a picture of the receipt — it’ll show the date, it’ll show the time, it’ll show how much it is, and what you f**king bought!”

And here’s another bonus clip featuring Jenelle reflecting on her unproductive meeting with Nathan from last week’s episode:

The new episode of Teen Mom 2 airs Monday night at 10/9c on MTV.

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