VIDEOS Sneak peeks of Teen Mom 2 Season 7 premiere


The premiere of the 7th season of Teen Mom 2 is almost here!

MTV has provided some sneak peeks at the first episode, and we’ve rounded them all up in one convenient post to tide us all over until Monday night.

First we’ve got Kailyn, Isaac, and Lincoln hamming it up for some lovely family photos. Afterward, everybody loads up to get dinner and Kail’s unable to get Javi to tag along, which leads to a fight:

Next, we join Leah and Corey as they visit a neuromuscular specialist to discuss when they should put Ali in a wheelchair. When the doctor asks how often Ali falls, Corey says, “at least 5 times a day.” The doctor gives a matter-of-fact prognosis while suggesting that Ali use her power wheelchair all the time:

Aubree reaches a major milestone as she readies and attends her first day of kindergarten. Chelsea hustles to get her daughter up and at ’em. Once the prepping is done, Aubree poses for a photo outside and the moment really highlights just how much she’s grown!

Finally, we’ve got another round in the seemingly never-ending fight between Jenelle and Barbara. Babs tries to talk about Jenelle’s legal situations and she tells her mom straight: “Three things I don’t want to talk about. Nathan and custody. You and custody. And then my pending charge….Can you just shut up and let me complete a sentence before you speak your mind?”

The whole situation leads to Barbara shedding tears and Jenelle proclaiming, “There you go again, crying as usual… There’s another f***ing argument.”

Jenelle has already tweeted about the scene:

The Teen Mom 2 Season 7 premiere airs Monday night at 10/9c. TeenMom2