VIDEO Teen Mom Jenelle Evans shoots an AK-47, country trembles

Jenelle Evans shoots an AK-47

Somebody needs to send Kieffer Delp a heads up – things are gonna be different when he gets out of jail! Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has herself an assault rifle!

No joke – she took to the firing range with her Marine beau Gary Head earlier today and shot off a few rounds. Thankfully, none of her former roommates were around. (Or at least I assume they weren’t or we would have heard about it.)

Jenelle shared the video on Facebook along with the caption, “this was me today shooting an AK-47 :D”

To be fair, Jenelle did warn everybody earlier in the day so the entire east coast of North Carolina had plenty of time to evacuate. Here’s how she described her All-American Sunday:

Started out by going to church with Gary. 🙂 About to go shoot guns for the first time with him. Lol oh god I’m becoming southern.

She then shared this next picture with the caption, “Automatic 22 :)”

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans gun

And that was followed by this hilarious screen capture of a text message conversation between Jenelle and her infamous mom Barbara (Bahhhbra) about the photo:

Jenelle Evans texts with her mom Barbara

I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeVille. I’m ready for my spin off MTV!