PHOTO VIDEO Westboro Baptist Church protestor wears a “Glee” shirt

Westboro Baptis Church protester wears a Glee shirt in Madison, Wisconsin

You just can’t beat a healthy mixture of hate, ignorance, and irony!

The above photo was taken in Madison, Wisconsin back in October when the infamous Westboro Baptist Church was in town to protest a Presbyterian church who had ordained the first openly gay minister in a same sex relationship. As you can see, the girl in the photo holding the “You hate God” and “America is doomed” signs is sporting a Glee t-shirt, one of the most aggressively gay-friendly shows in the history of television.

The person who took the photo talked with the Glee-loving gay-hater and writes, “She told us she didn’t know anything about the shirt, but that her sister gave it to her when they headed out this morning.” If someone out there can find this girl’s sister I think we will have a new media sensation on our hands! (I can already imagine the Good Morning America and Ellen interviews.)

And just in case the nice photo above isn’t enough for you, here is a video from the protest in which the most homophobic Gleek in the world can be seen in action, even singing along to some pretty horrific anthems lead by Margie Phelps herself:

And here are a few still images from the clip:

Westboro Baptist Church member wears a Glee shirt to a protest

Westboro Baptist Church protester photographed wearing a Glee shirt in Madison, WI

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