Jenelle Evans’ sister Ashleigh update: Back in NC after altercation with ex Lee

Jenelle Evans sister Ashleigh Facebook Drama

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has seemingly been living a rather calm and drama-free life over the last couple of months as she prepares for the birth of her third child, daughter Ensley, early next year. That peaceful state of dramalessness is not shared by the entire Evans family, however, as Jenelle’s older sister Ashleigh continues her bid to be the biggest drama magnet in the Evans family — if you can believe that.

In case you missed it, Ashleigh has two children by two men and the last time we checked in she had packed up her bags and both of her boys and was headed to New Jersey to give her second ex Lee another chance. (The move came just months after Ashleigh accused Lee of kidnapping her children among other things.)

“I’m done with NC,” Ashleigh wrote on Facebook back in August. “I’m moving up to NJ this month. Yep that’s right, Lee and I are getting back together. Even though we used to drive each other insane we love our little family and we’re moving on to a new fresh chapter for us.”

Ashleigh seemed quite optimistic about the move, and believed at the time that she was leaving her family in North Carolina behind for good. From August 24:

As I leave NC and pack up, I get texts from everyone telling me the tabloids are selling me out. It’s really sad some people try to ruin my life because I have what they don’t. No one will be able to pick on me ever again. Because I’m moving I can’t be used as a puppet anymore. Now that I’m moving on, I will NEVER return to NC again. I’m finally free from all the toxicity. For the first time in 6 years I feel as free as a bird!! I feel a big burden has been lifted!! I will NEVER let anyone put me in a cage to where I can’t fly free as a bird should. I’m finally able to do as I please without restraint, worry or stress!!

So how did her relocation to New Jersey work out? Not well. Not well at all.

Ashleigh is currently back in North Carolina with one of her kids after a VERY acrimonious split from Lee and his family. She has been documenting the split in depth on Facebook over the last few weeks, including photos and even an audio recording of Lee allegedly physically assaulting her. As with the previous Ashleigh drama, trying to boil it down in a recap invariably leaves out too much, so it is best to let Ashleigh speak for herself. Here is a timeline of her Facebook posts over the last few weeks, including her interactions with commenters, detailing exactly what happened and where she’s at now:

Jenelle Evans' sister Ashleigh photo


Tired to save my marriage he said he wanted to reconcile. Gave up everything. Job, apartment, friends, and moved up to NJ rented a room temporality got a job, had a rental house lined up he lied to me. It was all a plan to take my kids off of me because he has no money for a lawyer, after he abducted my baby with his brother. His family are all emotionally abusive and stalk me and my husband hit me yesterday in front of his mother. I was threatened several times that they would assault me and call cps on me for no reason as a intimidation tactic. Just like when he used to call the cops on me for an argument to gain control and scare me and lie. Everyone kept telling me he was a piece of sh!t father and husband. I always tried to believe he’d change. While taking his medication. I should of listened when he strangled me with my baby in my arms last year. I should of dropped him when he lied and pressed charges on me at 7 months pregnant at risk for preterm labor and told me I can rot and I can have the baby in jail and I’ll never see him again. Even lied to CPS about me. The fact that he hit me in front if he kids yesterday is not only child abuse but it’s very bad for my kids. For now on I’m just going worry about me and my kids and get my baby back as soon as possible. I think my problem is I’m a good woman mother & wife and let men take advantage of me. I guess he will never change. You can’t change the mind of an abuser.

COMMENT: Just you do you and forget them I’m here for you

Thanks girl. I will always love him and always was there for him but he won’t ever change. He will never get help. He will always be like this. Just look at how he was raised. I can’t do this anymore my kids and I deserve better. There aren’t anymore chances for him.


My tooth is chipped. He chipped my tooth. I was spitting blood after I left my jaw hurts bad.

He might love gabreil and atlas but if you hit yell scream threaten the mother the mother children a wrong. It’s when you up walk away like an adult and control your anger, not assault someone.. It’s child abuse and domestic violence regardless of gender of the victim. Its teaching my children it’s okay allow it. I tried beliveld he would change. His entire family acts like this and they thinks its okay. I don’t want my children exposed to this at all. This is why CPS was around and he was told to have 2 hour visits take classes which he didn’t complete and stay away from me. If I let him see the kids cps was gonna take them because he was the abusive. Look at the picture of my hand all bruised from him from last week. Then he hit me then threatened me. I’m drawing the line with all my paperwork recordings and proof. I don’t want my children to inherit or to be taught the trait of being a dysfunctional member of society.

[With photos of the book Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men] Domestic violence gave this book and it’s a must read for survivors or victims. It helped me understand DV better.

[Ashleigh also posted this New Jersey Victim Notification Form from the alleged incident with Lee which is dated September 24, 2016.]

Jenelle Evans' Sister Ashleigh ex Lee domestic violence report


Love me or hate me I’ll always be me❤️ Hated by many, wanted by plenty, disliked by some, confronted my none.

Goodbye Pennsylvania❤️ I’ll miss you. Back to the south for now

COMMENT: Did u get baby boy?

Nope he’s on visitation but that’s gonna change very soon. I made a lot of phone calls. Pm. I can’t post it here.

Jenelle Evans sister Ashleigh and her mom Barbara exchange texts


[Posted a video clip with just audio of her conversation with her mother Barbara Evans about a recording Ashleigh has that includes an alleged domestic violence incident with her ex Lee.]

I love my mom. She says it like it is.. Just like I was saying.

COMMENT: Ash do u have recording of Lee verbally abusing you? I don’t want to hear it I was just wondering if that’s what Jim was gonna hear, I am still so sick over this ! Thinking of u and praying for atlas to finally be home where he belongs with his momma and brothry

Yes I do. Him and his entire family. I’m gonna keep it myself for now. I won’t release it until the time is right. They are all control freaks. They are all abusive. I’m glad my mom heard everything. The only reason why I recorded them was because they started acting crazy.

COMMENT: Don’t share I was was just wondering but I know your a smart girl so Do what u have to do ! I am so mad and I didn’t even hear it

I want the truth told eventually but for now I’m gonna keep it myslef.


[Ashleigh uploads an audio clip in which you can hear an altercation between her and her ex Lee.]

Abusive husband. A man should never hit a woman no matter how angry you get, you should never hit someone. He had my baby in his arms and hit me I from of 3 children. My baby doesn’t need to be on visitation with an abuser. He needs to come home safe with his me his mother.

COMMENT: It that his mother saying- I saw him slap you and that was uncalled for? Oh boy he going down

Yeah. She’s trying to be all nice so I wouldn’t press charges. I was spitting blood and he chipped my tooth. He also threatened me a week prior and his father did and also his mother. I have proof of that. They are dangerous people. He’s not taking care of the baby at all. I don’t care how bad an argument is, you dont hit someone. He needs help, he’s going down hill. Everyone is in shock because they thought he was a nice guy. Nobody has ever heard him act like this. He is abusive. No one ever believes me. I can’t even call to check up on him he’s blocked my number and they won’t answer the phone again.

Got a new job already and signing our apartment lease tomorrow.. Looks like I’m stuck in NC for a little while longer. To bad things didn’t workout in NJ. I was making more but maybe it happened for a reason. Maybe it’s meant to be so I can live alone and raise my two boys in peace.. It’s to bad I always get treated badly..

I’d rather raise my boys alone in peace and quite in a healthy normal home. I guess some people are ungrateful for all the wonderful things I do for them.

COMMENT: People always are. So many people are selfish and ungrateful today. That’s why my real friends list is so short!

I gave up everything to get us a place in nj so we can be a family like my husband wanted. Then he lets his family fill his head with lies about me and brainwash him. While he suffers I’ll take the high raid and be happy with my boys.i tried to help and save him

COMMENT: That’s all you can do is try

I did I tried and got treated like dirt again. I’m glad no matter where I go I always get everything situated ASAP.


When 3 random nasty slutty girls message me on FB and tell me my eatranged husband has been sleeping with them all I can do is laugh. You can have him he’s a not worth any girls time.. Goodluck.. Don’t catch that VD. Lmao.. ��

COMMENT: he prob paid them

One of them lacks self confidence and has her legs spread out in a truck like look at me boys want some haha so gross they are fugly

COMMENT: Just ignore u moved on enough!! I know it’s hard but stop getting hurt love u

Lol. I don’t even know if they are real profiles. I didn’t respond. I’m chilling on the balcony on FaceTime.


Is it just me? Or do jealous women do more stalking than the FBI? Why does it seem like they spread, gossip and lies? It seems like some are jealous of my sun and tired of their shade. There’s a lot of insecure troublemaking women out there..

COMMENT: You’re a ten, girl. You just gotta grab life by the horns and put the bullsh!t aside.

Thanks Chris. I always put out good karma then good things come back, like this morning. I went to get a coffee complimented the cashier that I loved her earings and she made then extra coffee by mistake and gave it to me. I have a good plan and its far from here:) Im gonna laugh when they cant find me anywhere..


Knocking out sales late at night. Sold 203 newspapers today which equals $478 pay!! Winning!!


[Ashleigh shared a memorial post for Amy Graham, a victim of domestic violence.]

When a women leaves her abuser she’s at high risk. I left and went back to my first husband 3 times before he beat me so bad I was in the hospital and pushed me down the stairs in California. It took the police 2 hours to get there because it wasn’t a big emergency. When he was pulled off of me he had a knife to my throat. I came back to NC with the clothes on my back. And my current husband now I won’t comment on it right now.sometimes it takes a women to leave her abuser 8-9 times. Sometimes they go back because they promise it will get better.


If I don’t answer my phone everyone I’m okay my sister inlaw keeps posting my number online publicly. I plan on changing it when I get atlas back. I’m either working or its off. I have a BIG situation that’s in the works.

Jenelle Evans sister Ashleigh sister-in-law Facebook

She removed it. She keeps posting fake ads of me online saying I’m a hooker with pictures my husband and I took years ago. Look at what his mother posted of me.

Jenelle Evans sister Ashleigh topless photo text

They are horrible people. I pray my husband starts taking his medicine. They are all crazy!!

COMMENT: I’m sorry you’re dealing with that. They must have a lot of free time on their hands and lots of hate in their hearts to have nothing better to do but bash

That’s what they do. I’ve never done anything wrong I might if left upsetting voicemails when my Hsiang kidnapped my baby and refused to give him back but that’s understandable. He ripped my 6 month old baby out of my arms and then refused to give him back and abandoned us before he took him away. They are all low life’s. I wish I could post then threatening me and want to hit me on video but nows not the time. They are only here to hurt me and keenly child away from me and his brother which is very wrong. To deny a mother her motherly duty is so wrong.


Ladies.. Let me ask you something. What would you do if 2-3 girls messaged you bf/husband and told you they were sleeping with them or dating? Would you confront him? Would you message the girl back? I’m not the jealous type of girl but what would you do?

COMMENT: But if he’s doing this now where the f**k is your son

With his mother because she always takes care of him he doesn’t. Just because he takes pictures doesn’t mean he takes care of him. He’s so stupid

Exactly his child and his mom has him all the time meanwhile atlas could be with his own mom!!!

I’m not worried about eventually when he moves out of his parents house he will realize what an idiot he was and what he’s lost. He’s going down hill fast. His family is tearing him down. Wait until I post everything on YouTube it’s been in the works. There is nothing they can do because it’s all true. He’s gonna look like an idiot. 3 months ago I found out he was chatting online with a girl in Russia and when she found out he was married to me and having a baby she stopped contacting him. He’s almost 30 and acts like a child.


ASHLEIGH’S EX LEE: Attention female friends if you receive a message from her please let me know so I can get all the information to my lawyer if she does message you ignore it and screenshot me a picture please

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle's Sister Ashleigh drama with ex Lee


Telemarketing, housecleaning and now I’m officially a taxi driver for the city of Wilmington!!!!! This is going to a interesting job???

COMMENT: So cool

$10 an hour telemarketing, $15 an hour housecleaning and taxi driver the sky’s the limit!! ???? even if it’s 60-80 hours a week my little boys deserve it!! Oh yeah I forgot lol and hooters on Saturday nights..


Men, if you have a good woman in your life who’s willing to help you and pull your family together no matter what, don’t hate her. Don’t treat her like nothing while she’s for providing for your family, even if you get mad at her you shouldn’t. She’s not a control freak she’s the breadwinner, she’s the amazing woman who holds the family unit together. Don’t blame her for your issues. Maybe it’s time for you grow up and start stepping up while she’s busting her butt all day working, taking care of kids and the house running around doing doctors appointments, kids functions, or errands. She doesn’t talk down to you, it’s called tough love, she try’s to bulid you up to a man and help you grow. She’ll always help you even if you get mad and sulk like a man child in your man cave. If your willing to take advantage of her, or treat her badly, don’t be mad when she walks out the door. You only have yourself to blame. So thank your woman, love her cherish her don’t ever take her for granted. Believe me when I tell you, you’ve got it made. Don’t let her walk away, make her feel appreciated, loved even if you can’t financially provide or do much in circumstantial situations. If anything you should be proud you have such a good woman!!

[Ashleigh posts an old photo of one man wrapping another man in Duck Tape who has whip cream on his head.]

All I can do is remember the good and pray..

COMMENT: Wait is this your two ex husbands together? Or does that guy just look a little like nick. It can’t be lol what’s wrong with me! Anyway looks like you were having a good time and life was great then boom it’s all over!! That’s what mental illness does to you. You get back on track everything is great then 1 small tiny thing triggers u and your disease takes over life. It sucks and most people don’t stick around but then there are the few like me with my best friend and u did with Lee , and I was all for it until he started putting his hands on u and in front of your boy. I just pray for u every night and for Lee too and that Atlas is ok and when will he be back home ?

It is.. We have known eachother for almost 7 years. They were in the same unit. Started out as friends then dated then moved in then go married. I’ve always tried to help him. Atlas will be home soon in a few weeks. I’m just very numb right now. It will be okay. I have to stay strong for my two little boys that’s all. Who k owe maybe he’ll get help.

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