Leah Calvert to Brittany Musick on alleged Jeremy Calvert scrotograph: ‘Yes, ma’am… That would be my husband’


As Jeremy Calvert continues to act like a single man, he’s taken a particular interest in Brittany Musick, a 27-year-old single mom from West Virginia.

Their flirtation began in mid-November, when Brittany publicly reached out to Jeremy on Twitter.

“Follow me please,” she tweeted on Nov. 13. She later added, “I love you, you are awesome. I live in Wv too not far from you. I been dying to meet you.”

According to screencaps obtained by Radar Online, the messages piqued Jeremy’s interest and he soon began direct messaging her to arrange a meeting. He even offered to take a night off work and get a hotel — although he also said he was wary of getting “f**ked over again.”

Brittany Musick Jeremy Calvert Tweets

They were close to finalizing arrangements when Jeremy had to back out, but not before allegedly sending Brittany a keepsake below-the-belt photo. After the original stories about Brittany and Jeremy’s flirtation were published, Leah apparently decided to go straight to the source and ask Brittany what was up…

“I’m just asking if you guys did meet,” Leah said in a direct message to Brittany that was obtained by InTouch. “All you have to say Brittany is yes or no. This isn’t about him you or myself this involves my babies.”

“No we was planning too, just didn’t get too cause he was working so much,” Brittany responded. “He told me that y’all was done, he filed for divorce. He sent me pics of his d**k!!”

Leah replied, “Who does these things?? To even think I had sex with my husband during this… I just want to thank you for being honest.”

Brittany further explained to InTouch that Leah initially thought she was lying, but came around when Brittany forwarded her the pictures from Jeremy. She said, “When I showed her the [naked] shot, Leah responded, ‘Yes, ma’am… That would be my husband.'”

Although Brittany said Jeremy “has zero forgiveness” for Leah because of her October affair, she said on Twitter this week that she’s no longer in communication with him.

Instead, Brittany is apparently exchanging pictures with another Teen Mom 2 star…

Meanwhile, Leah tweeted today that she’s heading to Orlando to be a bridesmaid and enjoy some “much needed time alone.”

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