Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry suggests birth control for sexually active teens

Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2 on MTV

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry has been up against it ever since her 16 & Pregnant episode premiered.  She’s dealt with a no show father a near no show mother an indifferent and often irate baby-daddy who was recently arrested, a car accident and multiple jobs as she’s worked to carve out a life for herself and her son.  The current cast member of Teen Mom 2 discussed her life since giving birth to her son Isaac with Radar and doled out advice to other teen moms and teens in general.

Here’s a sample of some of the Q & A’s from that interview:

Radar: What is the most rewarding part of this experience?

Kailyn: The most rewarding part of all of this is having such a happy, carefree baby. All of Isaac’s milestones are being documented. I’m also hoping that because of this experience Isaac will be able to look back on it and see what I went through for him and how much I’ve always loved him.

R: What is a typical day for you?

K: On a typical day Isaac and I get up to eat, get ready for school and I take him to the baby sitter. After school I either pick up Isaac and take him home or I go to work.  By the end of the week I wonder where the time went and sometimes I feel because I focus really hard on making a great life for Isaac, that I may not have spent enough time with him.

R: Who has been your biggest supporter during this experience?

K: My boyfriend Jordan deserves all the credit for helping me through everything. He’s the first person to remind me every day that one day all these struggles will pay off. Isaac will appreciate everything in the future so much more because of this.

R: What is your advice to other teen moms and teens in general?

K: My advice to other teen moms is- get birth control so you can focus on you and your child(ren) and not worry about anything else. Teens in general- If you’re going to have sex at all, you need to protect yourselves. Watch Teen Mom and think, is it worth it?

You can read the entire Radar interview with Kailyn here.  To catch up on all things Kailyn Lowry as mentioned up top you can head here.

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