VIDEO Miley Cyrus’ full MTV special ‘Miley: The Movement’

Miley Cyrus The Movement MTV Special

On Wednesday night, MTV premiered Miley: The Movement. Just like everything Miley Cyrus has done throughout the past few months, the special attracted a lot of attention.

According to the official description, the special was “unprecedented access” into Miley’s transition from a teen star to a “creative young woman in a period of radical self-discovery.”

In this one-hour documentary, superstar Miley Cyrus allows unprecedented access into her extraordinary life as she rises to the challenge of presenting a new and sometimes controversial persona to the public. As a teenage star, Miley amassed millions of passionate international fans who followed her every move. Three years later, she attempts to shed her previous image while embracing music full-time. Whether in the studio, at a performance, or on the set of her latest music video, Miley exudes the confidence of a creative young woman in a period of radical self-discovery who still inspires legions of admirers while confronting her critics. Ultimately, the film is an intimate portrait that captures Miley’s exuberant and spirited life, her evolving identity, and her exciting transformation into a music icon.

The complete video was broken into segments on MTV’s website. Here they all are in chronological order with the titles above and descriptions below…

Miley’s Movement Began In Childhood, Took Off With ‘We Can’t Stop’

“Once known only as the daughter of country star Billy Ray, Miley Cyrus has grown from Hannah Montana to a full-fledged pop superstar. The catalyst for Miley reaching next level? Debuting ‘We Can’t Stop’ on the radio with producer Mike Will Made It.”

Miley Visits Twitter Headquarters To Spread ‘We Can’t Stop’ Gospel

“A social media maven, Cyrus flies to San Francisco to visit Twitter HQ and incite her followers to help push her single ‘We Can’t Stop’ to #1 on iTunes.”

At Home With Miley, She Opens Up About Her Style And Her Infamous Haircut

“At home with her dogs in Los Angeles, Miley shares secrets straight off her laptop, opens up about the time she felt most normal — living off the map in Philadelphia for the summer of 2012 — and talks about Pharrell’s role in coming up with her new style.”

Miley Braves Cold For Jimmy Kimmel, Good Morning America 24-Hour Concert

“While sick with a cold, Miley pushes herself to the limit at an intense rehearsal while finding comfort from her mother, Tish, and friend”

Miley Hits The Studio With VMA Veteran Britney Spears

“When Britney arrives at the studio to record her vocals for ‘SMS Bangerz,’ Miley seeks advice from her childhood icon, specifically about her upcoming MTV Video Music Awards performance.”

Miley Keeps Cool Under Pressure Before Legendary VMA Performance

“A hiccup in Cyrus’ planned arrival causes the star to momentarily lose her cool before she calmly composes herself, walks the red carpet and heads backstage to prep for her 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance.”

Miley Looks Back On VMA Performance, Then Looks Forward

“Always one to push the boundaries, Miley Cyrus knows that the 2013 VMA performance was only the beginning. Refusing to focus on the past, Miley looks forward and preps for the release Bangerz.”

Reviews for the show were mixed. On one hand, it was decidedly entertaining and an interesting glimpse into Miley’s unique world. On the other hand, there was some vague talk about “the movement” that seemed a bit too reminiscent of a political coup.

UPDATE MTV just announced it will air a 90-minute deluxe edition of Miley: The Movement on Sunday night at 8/7c. The extended special will feature new and extended scenes.

What did you think of Miley Cyrus’ full MTV special? What about Miley’s Movement in general?

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