VIDEO Giuliana Rancic explains how cancer changed her diet and exercise routines

Cancer Giuliana Rancic Diet and Exercise

In the past two years, E! News’ Giuliana Rancic has beaten breast cancer and welcomed her first child with husband Bill Rancic. Naturally, the diet and exercise routine she kept up before it all has evolved.

“Life is to be enjoyed, not to be spent in the gym every day and not to be counting your calories,” Giuliana told HuffPost Live yesterday.

Although Giuliana is still criticized for her figure — which some say it too slim — the 39-year-old said her current relationship with food and working out is the healthiest of her life.

“What’s so funny is I’ve changed it quite drastically, the way I live and what I eat and how I exercise, but the opposite way you would think,” she said of life post-cancer. “Before I got the breast cancer I was actually pretty diligent about my diet and what I ate and I tried to eat very healthy foods and whole grains and tried to exercise every day.”

As someone who was always very health conscious, Giuliana said it was actually liberating to relax her diet a bit.

“I think you go one of two ways. Some people, I think it was Christina Applegate who said that she became very diligent about her health afterwards,” she said of her fellow cancer survivor. “I kinda went the other way. On my way here I ate a sandwich in the car; I eat lots of bread and different things and I don’t exercise as much.”

Giuliana’s also taking the time to enjoy life with her new family — and recently mentioned she and Bill are already planning to give Edward Duke a sibling! Sounds like life will only get busier for the Fashion Police host…

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