VIDEO LHHMIAMI Amara La Negra and Young Hollywood continue beef over racial remarks

Amara La Negra and Young Hollywood

Love and Hip Hop Miami co-stars Amara La Negra and Young Hollywood stole the series premiere spotlight with a jaw-dropping, racially charged exchange. After the episode aired, the pair took to social media to rally fans — but it looks like one side has the bulk of the audience’s support.

In the build-up to the episode, Amara had been outspoken in her desire to both cross over from Spanish- to English-language audiences and to represent for all the Afro-Latina women who look like her. She had also detailed some of the racism and cultural ignorance she’s faced over the past few years in the entertainment industry, including accusations that her hair, skin, and overall appearance are manufactured to make her look darker than she is. (Click here to see Amara’s response to those accusations.)

In the Love & Hip Hop Miami premiere, Amara met with fellow cast member Young Hollywood to talk about her crossover dreams. She hoped he’d be able to offer some advice on how to cultivate her image; unfortunately, as BET put it, the man turned out to be “just another wannabe image consultant who aimed to change her to match the “mold” of the performer he thought to be more marketable.”

Here’s Amara La Negra and Young Hollywood’s scene:

Following that, Young Hollywood took to social media to thank fans for tuning in, and only said “Don’t be so quick to judge” in his defense:

But Young Hollywood did call Amara a “Nutella Queen” during a live event shortly thereafter. Which Amara was quick to share on her own Instagram page — and to ask, quite simply, what her followers thought of the joke:

Elsewhere on social media, Amara’s Twitter feed was overrun with support from fans new and old. Which probably made it a lot easier for her to stick to the high road:

And speaking of that fan support, here’s just a sampling of the dragging Young Hollywood’s reputation has gone through in the hours since the Love & Hip Hop Miami premiere:

Love & Hip Hop Miami airs Monday nights at 9 on VH1.

(Photo credit: Amara La Negra and Young Hollywood via Instagram)

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