VIDEO – Kai Hibbard claims The Biggest Loser is misleading and encourages anorexic behavior

The Biggest Loser Season 3 finalist Kai Hibbard is speaking out again about the unhealthy practices and gaming that occurs on NBC show.

In January, she spoke to Star Magazine about the health problems she suffered shortly before strutting around on the finale stage in a cocktail dress: her hair was falling out, she was bruising easily, and was so dehydrated she gained 31 pounds just from drinking water.

This morning she appeared on the CBS Early Show to talk more about her harrowing experience. She says she left the biggest loser with anorexia (she didn’t specially name the eating disorder, but explained that she wouldn’t eat, and counted black coffee as a meal.) She says because it was a TV show, she felt enormous pressure to lose big numbers.

She also addressed the fact that while the show can be very inspiring, most viewers don’t understand that it is primarily about entertainment, not about healthy weight loss. Although the audience is led to believe that the weigh-ins occur once a week, many times the weighs-ins were done more than a week apart, and even once during Kai’s season, the difference was less than a week.

They also were also encouraged to go to extreme measures to both loose weight at an shocking pace (not eating), and to manipulate the scales (dehydrate prior to weighing).

Here’s Kai this morning on The Early Show:

In 2009 Kai was a paid sponsor of the diet pill LiVea.

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