PHOTOS Perez Hilton shows off dramatic weight loss at Logo’s NewNowNext Awards

Perez Hilton Weight loss photo

Blogger Perez Hilton surprised everyone in attendance at the 2012 Logo “NewNowNext Awards” Friday night when he opened his jacket to reveal a brand new, ummm… chiseled physique!?! Although Perez’s new fab abs may not be enough to have him changing his nickname to The Perezuation any time soon, it would probably qualify as Jersey Shore worthy – which is nothing short of amazing considering Perez’s issues with weight in the past!

Perez Hilton skinny photo Logo Awards

I’m not the biggest Perez Hilton fan in the world (“I’m gonna bully everybody I don’t like with meanness and spite, and then when I become famous enough, denounce bullying and meanness!”), but I have to give credit where credit is due, and he has gone through nothing short of a complete transformation! (His choice of fashion seems unchanged, however.)

Perez Hilton shows off weight lost and chiseled chest at 2012 Logo NewNowNext Awards

To give you an idea of the difference, here are a couple Perez Hilton before and after weight loss photos for you:

Photos of Perez Hilton before and after weight loss

Perez did a post about his appearance at the Logo New Now Next Awards on his blog and said the following:

Outfit by The Blonds. Body by Perez!


We were serving up more than just fashion at the Logo NewNowNext Awards in Los Angeles last night. We were also wearing our new body, proudly owning it and displaying it!

We’ve worked soooo hard to get to where we are today, and we are feeling soooooooo good these days!

YOU can do it too! You can!

Do it! Do it! Do it!!!!

And here’s Perez looking even better by not feeling like he has to make a silly face for the cameras:

Perez hilton lost weight photo

Congrats to Perez – I know it must have been difficult to lose all that weight, especially when your job is to sit in front on a computer surfing the web and typing all day. (I guess I should go for a walk after this post…)



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