VIDEO Justin Timberlake tears up over Jessica Biel during speech


Justin Timberlake was inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame on Saturday. During his impassioned speech, he was moved to tears as he talked about his wife, Jessica Biel.

His partner in bromance, Jimmy Fallon, inducted Timberlake, saying, “Who better to induct him than me, Mrs. Justin Timberlake?”

It was the for real Mrs. Timberlake, however, that had Justin’s attention when he accepted the prestigious hometown honor.

“Baby, I love you more than I could put into words and more than any song I could ever write,” Timberlake said, calling Biel “beautiful, loving, and incredibly understanding of her husband’s shortcomings.”

This is the full speech. J.T.’s comments about his wife come in just after the 25-minute mark:

“She’s not from here but she’s built like she is!” he joked before he got serious and added while holding back tears: “She is a rock and, uh, she is tough as nails, so she’s basically a Memphian.”

It was obvious from his over-20-minute speech that he’s proud to tell anyone who asks that Memphis is where he’s from, “This is the…coolest thing that has ever happened to me…My favorite part about this city is we don’t apologize for who we are, and that’s who this city has taught me to be.”


Photo: Ron Asadorian / Splash News | Insert / YouTube

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