Real Walking Dead: Flight 462? Man ‘running amok’ on flight bit another passenger, didn’t have a pulse

Flight 462

Start stocking up on bottled water and canned food… The events that transpired on a Sunday flight bound for Ireland sound like something out of The Walking Dead‘s Flight 462 script: A 24-year-old passenger “in distress” bit another person on board the plane before he was pronounced dead.

The Aer Lingus flight was en route from Portugal to Ireland when the young man began “shaking violently” and bit another person, The Telegraph reports. Another passenger later told an Irish radio station, “The noise he was making was like something that I’d never heard before… It was like a deep anguish, that is the best way I can describe it. It was very, very troubled.”

After seizing, the young man lost consciousness. According to USA Today, crew members reported the man was treated by a doctor aboard the flight, but the young man didn’t have a pulse. (He probably did when he was “running amok,” but still!) The flight diverted from its destination in Dublin to Cork, at which point the man was checked out by paramedics and pronounced dead. The man who was bitten was admitted to the hospital.

Although the young man is believed to have been traveling alone, a 44-year-old woman who was reportedly seated next to him was arrested when the flight landed for possessing amphetamine. Investigators will perform an autopsy today in an effort to establish the cause of death.

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