Farrah Abraham to undergo surgery on breasts again


Farrah Abraham is scheduled to go under the knife to help with issues stemming from a prior breast augmentation surgery.

Farrah told the Daily Mail “I’m thankful to have the best reconstructive breast surgeon [Dr. Stuart Linder] in the Beverly Hills area fix the burning and pain issues that were horrible.”

The Teen Mom OG star continued:


I was happy to learn about new incision placement for better results as opposed to under the breast for my paining and burning to stop. I’m happy I could share my story to help other women who may have these side effects and now know it is fixable and there are great doctors to fix this issue and better implants like SRX. I can’t wait for Dr. Linder to fix me.


Farrah has had two prior breast augmentation surgeries. The second surgery replaced her saline implants with silicone implants and took her from a C-cup to a D-cup.

Despite having her Farrah Abramammaries under the knife on so many occasions, Farrah is still behind our prediction from June of 2013:

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