VIDEO Justin Bieber crashes nemesis Drake Bell’s album release party

Drake Bell Album Release Party

Drake Bell and Justin Bieber have one of the stranger feuds in entertainment… Mostly because Drake regularly slams Justin while Justin doesn’t do anything in response. That changed last night when Justin really hit Drake where it hurts.

First, a little background: Drake, a former Nickelodeon star, has criticized Justin on Twitter for everything from EggGate to his fashion choices. (Click picture for a better view.)

Drake Bell v Justin Bieber Tweets

It’s also worth noting that Drake filed for bankruptcy last May and is very zealous about a career comeback. With a Drake & Josh movie apparently off the table, he is solely focused on his new album, Ready Steady Go.

Well, during the big album release party at The Grove in Los Angeles last night, Justin made his play by unexpectedly pulling up across the street. He later posted a video to Instagram showing a horde of fans going crazy.

One of Justin’s inside men captured and shared this picture of Drake looking down on the distraction. Mimicking Drake, Justin said in the caption, “Why is @justinbieber sprinter van getting more attention than my album release party.” (He later deleted the post.)

Justin Bieber Drake Bell Instagram

Drake responded by feigning friendliness on Twitter…

According to Justin’s friend Milk Tyson, who apparently got inside the album release party, Drake’s crew called the police on them. (Back in January, Milk called Drake a bully on Twitter and commented he “sure seem to have a crush on jus.”)

Milk later posted a picture of “drake bells good friend who warned him about tweeting us so much.” He added, “She can come to our team so she can feel special.”

Doubt this is going change Drake’s mind about Justin…

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