PHOTOS Dave Chappelle’s gun show will blow your mind!

Dave Chappelle buff awesomeness

What in the name of Charlie Murphy!?!

Reclusive comedian Dave Chappelle doesn’t put himself in the public eye much these days so it was a real surprise when the 40-year-old was photographed walking out of a gym in Los Angeles this week sporting some serious muscle mass.

With the gun show on full display and a smoke hanging from his lip, because it’s Dave Chappelle and he can, the star greeted fans and paparazzi as he made his way down the street.

There’s been occasional unconfirmed reports that Chappelle would be making a tour return to stand-up, but he’s mostly been incognito for the last year – and pumping iron apparently.


Thinking on it a while – I’d say the above is my new all-time favorite pic of Dave.

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