VIDEO Justin Bieber’s DUI passenger, Chantel Jeffries, calls herself a ‘goal-digger’

Chantel Jeffries - Justin Beiber - E News

Chantel Jeffries, the Miami model who was in the car with Justin Bieber when he was arrested in January, publicly spoke for the first time this week.

In an exclusive interview with E! News‘ Terrence Jenkins, Chantel explained she met the pop star through mutual friends. Their new friendship was put to the test during the early hours of Jan. 23, when Justin was arrested in Miami Beach for driving under the influence.

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Chantel said she couldn’t speak about the incident for legal reasons. She did say there are misconceptions about the Canadian singer’s behaviors, adding she never saw Justin use drugs. Chantel said she’s attracted her own share of misconceptions following Justin’s arrest and their subsequent getaway to Panama.

Chantel Jeffries with Justin Bieber in Panama

“If anything, you could say I’m a goal-digger because, guess what, I have my own goals and I am focused on those,” Chantel said, denying accusations she’s a gold-digger. “I have my own eyebrow line. I’m doing it all myself… I make money from that. I make my own money from modeling. I go to school, so I don’t really need anybody else. I’m like a strong, independent woman.”

There were also reports Chantel tried to sell her story for “$20,000 plus a guaranteed mention of her modeling career.” She denied that and E! News confirmed they didn’t pay her for the interview.

As for the big question about her current relationship with Justin, Chantel said they remain in communication — but are not now and never have been romantic.

“I didn’t date Justin,” Chantel said, explaining he’s a fun and cool person. “If I have a choice, it’s in my house with my cat and, you know, doing homework or talking to my friends.”

E! News reporter Terrence Jenkins further probed, asking Chantel whether she ever kissed or slept in the same bed with Justin.

“Oh my gosh,” Chantel said, rolling her eyes. “We’re friends. Have you ever kissed you friends, Terrence? … Do you sleep in the same bed as your friends?”

Do you believe Chantel’s story?

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