VIDEO Josh Groban sings Kanye West tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live

.Josh Groban CD cover The Best Tweets of Kanye West from Jimmy Kimmel Live

Another miner has struck gold in the hills of Kanye West’s tweets! Following in the footsteps of the memetastic New Yorker cartoons with Kanye tweets as captions and the addictive process of Kanye tweet Tracy Jordanization achieved by adding “Liz Lemon” before each of Kanye’s literary gems is “Oscar and Grammy nominee” Josh Groban, who has recorded 752 songs of Kanyeisms on 48 CDs – all of which with lyrics containing 140 characters or less!

Here’s the promotional commercial thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Let me be the first to request a Courtney Love MySpace blog follow-up tribute!

JoshGroban's new Kanye West Tweets album has 752 songs on 48 CDs