Kim looks miserable while Kanye receives an award and jokes about her dating ‘broke black dudes’


Last night, Kanye West was among five other recipients to receive a BET Honor when he was awarded with the Visionary Award for his “dynamic and prominent voice in hip-hop [which] has earned him recognition as a highly regarded creative.”

Despite the notable honor, Kimye arrived to the awards show in matching, all black attire looking as though they were attending a funeral. However, we can’t say we’re surprised to see Kim without a smile.

In addition to her somber look, Kim’s dress was out of character as it covered her from head to toe showing barely any skin. Isn’t it interesting when Kim Kardashian is making news for wearing more clothes?

Even though she didn’t look very excited on the red carpet, Kim Instagramed a happy message of love and support for her hubby saying, “My baby received the visionary award!!!!”

Kim k

Not one to shy away from controversy, Kanye joked during his speech about the stigma of interracial dating for money saying, “I just want to say that ‘the white girl is gonna go get a rich black dude’, but I want to say that my wife has dated broke black dudes.”

Check out the clip:

Hmmm… I wonder how some of Kim’s exes feel about that? You will be able to catch all the highlights from the award show when it airs on Monday, February 23rd at 9p/8c on BET.