TEEN MOM 2 Jade Cline at the hospital with ‘major issues’ after aunt Kim tests positive for coronavirus

Teen Mom 2 Jade Cline in the hospital after aunt tests positive for coronavirus

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline is currently at a hospital in Indiana with what she describes as “major issues.” The new comes one day after Jade revealed that her aunt Kim has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Jade’s message came via her Instagram story moments ago. She posted a selfie taken at the hospital in which she can be seen wearing a protective mask. “Pleas #stayhome unless advised by a medical professional to go to the hospital!” Jade captioned the image. “#stayhome if something is NOT a necessity,” she added.

The reality show mom then revealed why she was at the hospital. “I am having some major issues right now and was advised to go to the hospital. Hoping everything is okay and I fight off whatever is going on with me.” Jade did not clarify whether or not her “major issues” included coronavirus symptoms.

Jaded assures her fans that she “will keep everyone updated” before signing off: “Lots of love and prayers from me and my family to everyone in the world struggling with the pandemic.”

UPDATE – Jade just shared the following good news along with a photo of herself and daughter Kloie together on a couch:

I’m happy to be home with my family! I was very dehydrated from being ill and also had a slight fever, but the hospital gave me medication and fluids to help! They gave me a bunch of blood tests to make sure I didn’t have a virus or infection. Tests came out looking good! Guessing I had some kind of food poisoning! Doctor wasn’t sure exactly what caused it so idk? Super weird and horrible but grateful it wasn’t anything more!


As mentioned above, Jade revealed on Monday that her aunt Kim, who was featured numerous times on the show, tested positive for the coronavirus. “Pray for my aunt Kim, she has tested positive for covid-19,” Jade tweeted. “She is extremely ill,” she continued. “Please send prayers her way. Thank you.”

Jade’s request was answered as tweets began to pile up wishing Kim and her family the best.

Jade revealed that the prayers and well wishes for Kim’s family are needed at this time as well. “What’s sad is [Kim’s daughter] Adrian and her little son live there and Adrian is also pregnant. I’m worried about all of them. Sh*t is crazy.”

After retweeting numerous well wishes, Jade later provided a frustrated update. “Life sucks right now,” she tweeted.

Just prior to her update about heading to the hospital, Jade shared another concerning tweet: “Literally have so much anxiety right now.”

Of course we wish Jade, her family, and everyone else having medical issues right now all the best. It is certainly a terrifying time.

We will be sure to share any major updates from Jade.

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