VIDEO Farrah Abraham reveals “sexual depression” in Couples Therapy preview clip

Farrah Abraham Couples Therapy sex talk

In this week’s episode of Couples Therapy the group talks about sex, and in the following preview clip, Farrah Abraham talks about the effects of being in a much-publicized sex tape and being caught having sex by her dad at the age of 15 have had on her sex life.

Most of Farrah’s sessions on the show so far have been based on her assertions that she did, in fact, have a real boyfriend that bailed on her prior to the show (her fake boyfriend Brian Dawe says otherwise), that her sex tape was never meant to be released and that James Deen was her boyfriend at the time — all of which 99% of everybody believes to be false, thus seemingly rendering those therapy sessions rather meaningless.

But, I think in this preview clip we see Farrah finally talking honestly about some genuine issues. Despite how she has presented herself as a sexpert (she goes so far as to offer to give sex talks to young people for a fee on her website, and even made a sex ed video wearing her now-infamous vagina suit) and someone confident with her own sexuality (she even launched her own line of sex toys molded from her own body), Farrah OBVIOUSLY has HUGE issues when it comes to sex. Here’s a transcript of the discussion:

FARRAH: So I just feel like I’m not really feeling comfortable about sex in general because of certain things that I’ve been through. Keep in mind, like, my sex life and world started when I was 15 and my dad caught me, and that’s how everybody found out that Farrah had sex in my whole family. I don’t really like to tell them things because I feel like they’re very judgmental. So it’s been kind of very odd, and I know that, you know, I’m trying to figure out my life in the whole sex arena right now.

DR. JENN: How does your history — with the sex tape — does it feel like men have a certain expectation of you to kind of “perform” in your private life?

FARRAH: I feel that when I’m going to date somebody and I’m thinking, like, about “Oh, if I have sex with this person” — because I definitely think about that now before I do it — I’m just wondering why they’re wanting to have sex. Like, I just always feel like they’re trying to control me in some way, trying to f***ing break me in some way, and I just — I just quit. I don’t need to… like I don’t need to, like honestly, I don’t think about masturbating. I don’t think about anything. Like, I don’t even want to f***ing touch my body unless I’m feeling happy and I know everything is, like, the way I want to be.

DR. JENN: It sounds like you’ve had to shut down.

FARRAH: Or, yeah — maybe I’m in, like, sexual depression over here. I don’t know. And that’s fine, I —

DR. JENN: Very well put.

FARRAH: I’m changing my mindset right now. Obviously things need to f***ing repair, and then I move forward. I don’t know.

DR. JENN: It sounds like the negative experiences that you’ve had, those have really robbed you of a healthy sex life.


Farrah almost always tries to say she is happy and just about as perfectly actualized as a human being can become, so it’s nice to hear her say she isn’t happy and that there are things she needs to repair. Who knows? Perhaps Dr. Jenn will be able to make some headway after all!

Couples Therapy airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on VH1.

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