VIDEO Bachelor’s Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici took a lie detector test to prove they didn’t sleep together before wedding

Sean Lowe - Celibacy - Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detector Test

The Bachelor‘s Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici attracted a mix of praise and skepticism when they announced their plans to remain celibate until marrying.

One of those in the “skeptical camp” was Jimmy Kimmel. So, just days before Sean and Catherine tied the knot, the talk show host asked the couple to prove they really remained abstinent by taking a polygraph test. Jimmy revealed the results on Monday night’s show…

“I tell you, there hasn’t been this much suspense since the finale of Breaking Bad,” Jimmy said after showing a clip of Sean and Catherine taking separate lie detector tests. “Now, without further ado, let’s bring in our polygraph expert, Dennis Blackstock…”

After clarifying he is a truly legitimate polygraph expert, Dennis said he had a “near 80, 90 percent… maybe 100 percent” certainty that the results were accurate.

Jumping back in, Jimmy said, “So, the question is: Did Sean and Catherine tell the truth? Did they abstain from sex before marriage for a period of 16 months?”

The answer: Yes they did! (Whew!)

Reacting to the results, Jimmy said, “I’m proud and disappointed at the same time.”

The night before Jimmy showed the lie detector test, Sean and Catherine tied the knot during a live broadcast. Throughout the wedding special, the newlyweds made multiple references to their plans for the evening.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Lowe - The Bachelor Wedding

“There’s no pressure on my end,” Sean said about his lack of performance anxiety. “I’m going to perform masterfully.”

Catherine added, “As a wife, I will definitely treat him a lot. I’m going to be able to let out my ‘grown-sexy’ on him at any time that I want and any time that he wants.”

There was even a live feed to the honeymoon suite, aka “Consummation Station.”

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