VIDEO Farrah Abraham firing scene preview: ‘adult industry’ not mentioned at all?

Farrah Abraham and Teen Mom OG Executive Producer Morgan Freeman scrapbook quotes

After much teasing, MTV finally aired an extended preview of the highly anticipated Teen Mom OG scene in which Executive Producer Morgan Freeman essentially fires Farrah Abraham from the show. Surprisingly, the clip is completely focused on the issues show producers have working with Farrah, while her business ventures in the adult industry (which is what we were led to believe was the reason for letting Farrah go) are not mentioned at all.

Here’s the preview:

The clip begins with Farrah in the back seat of a car talking to producer Kristen “I know I don’t like you. I know I don’t even want to f**king look at you.”

“I’m really not trying to get in your way,” Kristen says

“F**k you and your excuses,” Farrah replies.

As Farrah’s tinted window roles up, Kristen continues: “Please tell me how I’m getting in your way here — if I can help. I really don’t know.” We see Kristen’s reflection in the window as Farrah’s car pulls away.

The video then cuts to Morgan and Farrah having their back porch discussion. “I think we want to look at, just, sort of how people are treated,” he begins. “Do you feel like you respect the people that are around you trying to make the show and spend all this time –”

Farrah cuts him off “You know, I respect a lot of people who respect me.” She stares at Morgan.

“Right,” he says, “but you do have very little empathy or compassion for other people. There has to be respect for our crews and for the producers, and if there’s an issue –”

Farrah interjects something about respecting people, but I can’t quite make it out.

Morgan continues: “But the amount of work that goes into keeping you happy with crew has bubbled up to a point that we have to figure out if we move forward.”

“If it’s overwhelming for you,” Farrah says, “I’m sure there is a better way of handling it.”

“Right, but out of nine moms, you’re the only one that’s a problem.”

“I’m not difficult,” Farrah says emphatically.

Morgan moans: “Ohhhhhhhhh…”

“I am so understanding,” Farrah continues, “I am working my ass off just like everyone.”

We then see some intense staring between the two before the clip ends.

We shared Farrah’s reaction to MTV teasing the preview yesterday, and she did not pull any punches. As we mentioned in that post, it is surprising to see that the main reason for “firing” Farrah now looks to be because of how allegedly difficult she has been to work with. The preview trailer for the new season, and everything we have heard from Farrah and her dad Michael, suggested that the main reason was because of Farrah’s insistence on pursuing business ventures in the adult industry. Morgan’s quote about not being able to work with Farrah if she continues to work in the adult industry was not included in the preview above — but I have to assume it will be in next week’s episode? I guess we will all have to wait and see!

Farrah Abraham fired from Teen Mom scene with Morgan Freeman

Meanwhile, I have seen some reactions to the preview clip on social media with questions about how authentic it is and whether or not is was just a scripted stunt for ratings. We have a source close to production that says it was completely legit and Farrah has not filmed any more for the show since.

As we previously reported, it is in Farrah’s contract that MTV has to pay her for the full season regardless, but it does appear as though she will not be returning to Teen Mom OG. In similar situations I would think a return would be possible — if not probable — but Farrah is completely torching the bridge between her, 11th Street Productions, MTV, and Viacom with her comments, so I simply cannot imagine either of them willing to work with the other again.

With that being said, I do not think we will be seeing Farrah participating in the Reunion this season — although the door might still be open for her dad Michael to appear for her?

Meanwhile, after next week, Teen Mom OG will be finishing out the season with just three moms. There has been no official (or unofficial) announcement about MTV’s plans for the future of the show as far as casting goes. The network has demonstrated that they are willing to add cast members, as they did with Teen Mom 2 and Briana DeJesus, so perhaps we will be seeing a non-OG OG next season? Perhaps Briana’s Teen Mom 3 co-star Mackenzie McKee, or her one of her 16 and Pregnant co-stars like Ashley Salazar or Nikkole Paulun? Or maybe they will balance the Teen Mom shows and move one of the moms from Teen Mom 2 to Teen Mom OG? Now that Briana and Javi have broken up, it doesn’t seem like a huge deal to have her change shows. Hmmm… Time will tell.

So, what would you like to see MTV do with Teen Mom OG after Farrah is gone? Well, other than the predictable “cancel the show” response. 😉

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