Maci Bookout defends herself against the ‘biggest misconception’ about her

Maci Bookout Misconceptions

Maci Bookout, the original Teen Mom Southern sweetheart, wants to set the record straight about her partying habits.

“Everyone on Instagram talks about it, and I’m like, ‘Don’t you realize that my son, Bentley, goes to his dad’s house every other weekend for three days?,'” Maci told OK Magazine this week of the “biggest misconception” about her.

As a fan-favorite on the original MTV series, Maci evaded much of the criticism that her co-stars attracted… But got a little taste of what they dealt with in 2011 when pictures were leaked of then 19-year-old Maci drinking from a beer funnel during spring break.

Teen Mom Maci Bookout sucks on a beer bong on Spring Break

Maci was fairly unapologetic about drinking at the time — and is even less so now that she’s of legal age.

“If my homework is done and Bentley is not with me, I am definitely going to go get a beer,” Maci said. “I deserve it!”

No debating with her there… But, if Maci really does want to change the public’s perception about her, scaling back on the social media drinking references might be a thought. That would also put more emphasis on the great teen pregnancy prevention work she does!

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