VIDEO Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson serenades Chipper Jones of the Atlanta Braves

Willie Robertson sings Rattlesnake song for Chipper Jones

The Robertson boys of Duck Dynasty fame like to make it look easy. They do a lot of hanging out out fooling around while the Duck Commander money rolls in. But, don’t let them fool you. These guys have mad skills.

Exhibit A: Check out this video of Jase Robertson schooling us on how to use a Duck Commander duck call. Although I haven’t spent time with one, myself, this little video leads me to believe that there’s a lot more to it than blowing into one end and getting duck sounds out of the other, Jase makes it look like there’s nothing to it.

But, maybe that’s not so impressive. Duck calls are the Robertson’s business, after all. Maybe being a Wood Duck virtuouso isn’t that big a deal to you. Maybe for you to be impressed with the Robertsons, you need evidence of a non duck-related talent. No problem. I got this one.

Exhibit B: We know that Willie Robertson can do many, many things. He can call a duck, raise great kids with a beautiful wife, and run a multi-million dollar business, among other things. But, that’s not all. Not even close. Check out this video of Willie composing the song “Rattlesnake” on the spot and serenading none other than Atlanta Braves future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones with it!

If I’m hearing the lyrics right, all of this appears to be happening at Chipper Jones’ ranch. Looks like Chipper might have had Willie over for a little deer hunting; but, got a whole lot more entertainment than he bargained for.

Here are a few more stills from the video.

Willie Robertson Duck Dynasty Chipper Jones Buck Commander Duck Commander

Willie Robertson Duck Dynasty Duck Commander Chipper Jones Buck Commander

Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves Willie Robertson Duck Dynasty Buck Commander

Go Willie!

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