PHOTOS Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson modeling her Live Original prom dress line for Sherri Hill

Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson

We reported back in August that Duck Dynasty starlet Sadie Robertson was teaming up with youthful fashion icon Sherri Hill for a line of prom dresses, and later shared video and photos from the runway show launch featuring Sadie herself. Now the “Sadie Robertson Live Original” prom dresses are available nationwide and Sadie is once again showing off her modeling skills by donning each look!

The dresses have Sherri Hill’s usual fun flair, but there’s a definite retro vibe to them with Sadie giving them a “down home” feel by posing in numerous rural settings — like on the front porch or with a horse out by the barn:

Sadie Robertson prom dress horse photo

The crew even took a jaunt out into the swamp for a shot, which features Sadie wearing a contrasting bright red full-length strapless dress:

Duck Dynasty Sadie Robertson modeling photo in the swamp

If you’re looking to buy your own Sadie Robertson Live Original prom dress, the retail prices range from right around $350 to $790. The red “swamp dress” (I say that jokingly of course) above has a price tag of $389 at Rissy Roo’s, and at the other end of the spectrum is this next style, which is described as an “elegant knee length lace dress” featuring a “strapless neckline, floral embroidery and a scalloped hemline,” and carries a price of $789:

Sherri Hill Sadie Robertson prom dress

(I realize you can’t necessarily see the dress all that well, but if you click the link above (or here) you will see they have more photos with other models in which you can see the dress more clearly. The same thing applies to pretty much all of the dresses in the line.)

I think my favorite photo is this one featuring Sadie wearing the black and white ball gown she wore on the runway, only this time she’s relaxing at a 1950s style diner:

Sadie Robertson prom dress modeling

But, I suppose fans of Duck Dynasty might prefer this shot, which features not only Sadie’s famous pop Willie Robertson, but also his famous duck camo BMW Z4 Roadster convertible:

Willie Robertson and daughter Sadie Robertson

Here are some additional photos of Sadie modeling the Live Original collection — you can see more at and actually purchase a dress at Rissy Roo’s or any number of locations throughout the nation. (Just CLICK HERE for a list and map of retailers near you!)

Sherri Hill Sadie Robertson Live Original prom dresses

Click to enlarge:
Sadie Robertson in Sherri Hill prom dress style 11092Sadie Robertson in Sherri Hill prom dress style 11083 black and whiteSadie Robertson in Sherri Hill prom dress style 11075

Sadie Robertson prom dress yellow  Sherri Hill Sadie Robertson 8544

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